Nyo Nya Dinner @ Malacca

So it’s 1st day trip at Malacca, after browsing around Malacca town, we get back to Equatorial Hotel have a rest & also bath. Heavy rain that evening, and i joined dinner with Jason, Sogua & Icequeen. Hmm… I dont know Jason, i got only visit his blog before. So, it’s new to me and i got chance to meet more people there… hehe~~

Jason was waiting on lobby about 7p.m. Dam heavy rain that time, aiyo 1st day come Malacca so heavy rain meh? Feel disappointed because rain, damit! Sorry to let Jason wait us at lobby there, so after we get in his car, we start happy hour! lol

So, we plan to have Nyo Nya dinner at Malacca, i ate Nyo Nya foods at Kuala Lumpur before, but tasteless. What i feel that meal is just spicy, nothing at all. Since we came Malacca, so i decide to follow them to have Nyo Nya dinner. I dont know where’s the Nyo Nya shop, seems quite near from hotel( every place also seems near from hotel). It’s air-conditional restaurant, sorry i dont remember the restaurant name. Most of us were get wet, of course i feel little cool.

Not much customer in restaurant, due to heavy rain? no idea~~ As i’m not familiar with Nyo Nya foods, so let’s Jason to take order for us. As he know well to Malacca, follow him sure got good good thing eat la… Nyek nyek!!!

Jason has order about 6 meal to us, got two veges, egg, prawns, fish and chickens. The Chicken taste good!! I like that chicken, somemore not spicy to me at all!!!! Fish also tasty, i dont know what it made by, but it tasty… who care? lol… Prawns were lesser to us, as everybody only can eat one prawns, it will perfect if they provides more and more prawns.

We spent about 1 hour there, finish our meal, finish talk cock there, then we go for next station. Jason will bring us to some high classes desert shop which were Icequeen special request, for cheese cake, and special drinks.

* Special thanks to Mr. Jason for guide us goods & delicious foods @ Malacca

10 thoughts on “Nyo Nya Dinner @ Malacca

  1. The Nyonya chicken has a distinctive name, it’s called “pong teh” chicken. The curry served with prawns looks like a kind of gravy cooked with pineapple.

  2. I dont remember the foods name already, since quite long of time from now already… thanks for comment me

  3. Handycam camera quality quite lousy one, especially color quality. It cant provide colorful picture sometimes, as its color will run a bit, gonna use photoshop to tune it, but it great to snap movie… very clear & colorful

  4. OOO, nice and spicy food!!! Me also dun like lady fingers. It that expansive?!
    U bring along ur handy cam!!! wow, can upload video mo?!

  5. Oh no, daniel website expire liao.I miss a lot of links from there. At the same time have to thkz a lot bcoz u come the most to visit my websites.

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