Malacca, San Bao Jin Soya Bean Stall

I was kinda busy recently, even i have no time to update my blog. And still, many content pending there, i think all these content able to upload smoothly from next week, as my school will goes holiday start from next week until next year. Dont so happy 1st, i dont have holiday as well and i have to come back alone… Damm!!!!

As a result, i plan to take some leave… lol. Let’s come back to the story, i want to introduce famous Soya Bean Drinks in Malacca town, it located around the famous Satay Luk Luk there, i dont know the street name, but it quite near Equatorial Hotel, about 5 min car travel from there. As what Jason introduced, so me & my gf go and have a try there…( lucky i still remember how to go there)

I was excited when found this soya bean stall, the boss is quite old uncle & aunty. Hmm… they were nice people, and they know i’m not Malacca local people. So, i was lucky that day, no car queue up there, i’m the no.1 and very fast, a lot of cars queue behind me( about 6 cars), it is famous!

That time, i still blow water with boss… he told me about his product and his stall history( about 5min la), but many customer come suddenly and his wife ask me to leave, due to the queue too long… So, maybe i will open another soya bean stall nearby. 😛

According to what boss told me, their famous product was the Jinger Tau Fu Faa. Of course, i have a try on it. Really nice, but too spicy for me la… Tau Fu Faa didnt brought me taste too sweet, although it spicy a bit but still got soya bean taste there. I never ate such Jinger Tau Fu Faa at KL before, still it’s nice!

Besides, we also tried the main product: “Soya Bean Drinks”. Same, it taste great & i cant drink such a nice soya drink in KL area, or anywhere. It is because the soya bean didnt taste sweet, normally KL soya bean drinks seller will add in a lot of sugar, no matter white sugar or black sugar. Shan Bao Jin Soya Bean also add sugar, it only comes with fresh soya beans taste.

If you go Malacca, you must have a try there… By the way, it didnt open at sunday.

* Special thanks Jason to introduced such a nice soya drinks~~

6 thoughts on “Malacca, San Bao Jin Soya Bean Stall

  1. Oh, soya. My favourite all the time and i usually like to eat like that… tau fu fa mix with soya milk and fill in brown sugar. This make me think back of our old days at school, we always pass by petaling streets and drank “fa jie” tau fu fa.

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