When you visit Malacca Street

Got this photo from my hard disk during waiting for non-stop raining here, about visit melacca back to few weeks ago. I remember dam crowd over Malacca city as it was public holiday that day. Didn’t managed to eat those famous & delicious foods due to never hell end of queue. So we decide to walk around malacca city.

Can imagine what hungwei doing there?

Night Market, Jonker Street, Malacca

I’m missing that time when i vacation at Malacca, unlike now i’m not happy at all. Back to Malacca trip story, we walked to Jonker Street night market after visit A Famosa. It’s already 7pm that time, i felt hungry and actually i ate a lot of foods that night. After meet with Sogua and his friends, then we start to walk this night market. I heard it’s nice & totally no pirated CD/DVD sold there.

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