Night Market, Jonker Street, Malacca

I’m missing that time when i vacation at Malacca, unlike now i’m not happy at all. Back to Malacca trip story, we walked to Jonker Street night market after visit A Famosa. It’s already 7pm that time, i felt hungry and actually i ate a lot of foods that night. After meet with Sogua and his friends, then we start to walk this night market. I heard it’s nice & totally no pirated CD/DVD sold there.

Jason was coming when we walking the night market. Jonker Street night market just like petaling street night market. A lot of food’s, Souvenirs, cookies, Coffee, Dim Sum, Fruit Candy Stick, Laksa & etc. Wow, i just like eat crazy that night.

Of course, vacation should be in very happy mood ma… A lot of people there, and Jonker Street Night Market open only weekend. Besides, got some nice bar surround the night market too, those bar charge quite expensive as they accept only USD. Hmm… i think local people wont have a drink over there… but still, the bar still open until today.

If u like to watch leng lui or nice chicks, you can have a walk over there too. After we walk about 1hr there, then we join Jason for special foods section. I appreciate Jason to guide us when we vacation in Malacca, really he bring us eat many nice foods. Hope, can meet him this year too. lol

So, when got school holiday?

P/S: My HandyCam photo performance very low when photoshot at night.

18 thoughts on “Night Market, Jonker Street, Malacca

  1. excelente, mas bien para comprar calle petaling en la Kuala Lumpur, mejor mas mirar mecancias y los vendas para logar joker

  2. thanks for remind me that i make mistake on jonker street… Jason maybe we can meet again soon when got holiday, btw i dun understand what lucifer said, any translater?

  3. translation:

    excellent post, capared to petaling street in kuala lumpur, the goods for sale looks better in jonker street ; ) 😀

  4. the devil was speaking in spanish…. bien habla espanol tu diablo 😀

    nice piece you guys have on jonker street, ill make it my next must place to see here in malaysia

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  6. Wishing able to come and visit Malacca, next on my vacation agenda. Thanks for sharing great photos, keep adding more, make me feel hungry now & ziiiiiiiiiiiiiiip to be there at this moment….

  7. Very nice,u got 1 photo is the shop,is that time i lost the way,and wait my frenz geh,haha…Nice photo

  8. malaccan oledi went until sian liao lor…..but
    very nice lor…..very proud of to be malaccan

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