Ai FM AngPau Festival @ PGRM Cheras (openning)

I was at PGRM there last month 27th saturday, as VIP visitor for Ai FM AngPau Festival. I was wondering how come the event named such “Pesta Hong Bao” which means AngPau Festival? or the event name should be CNY Show or something else?

Special thanks to Wei Tao as he sponser me the VIP ticket. Unfortunately, i was late that evening due to some problem. I was wondering how come people work at Cheras Maluri for 1 year long, but still dont know where the PGRM Cheras building is?

So i go there along with my girl friend, Wei Tao & Fattien total 4 tickets. Event start from 7pm, we reach there about 7:20pm. Although it’s VIP seat but still, almost full & we got no choice, guest where we seat? We just sit at the VIP Media Zone there. Soon, others non-media also sit over there and make the real media not able to rest there.

Got 2 aunty sit besides me, and all those magazine, newspaper media sit in front of me. I found there’s a camera chicks over my right side. I think she’s one of the media, and she using Nikon D40/D50 machine. Hmm… it’s same model with me(if D40) & finally i meet people using same model camera with me(might be). She’s quite good looking, and too bad that i cant took her a photo.

So, event start from 8p.m. plus, after some big VIP speech, and also some lucky draw. Too bad i didnt get a lucky number, so no presents lo…

Next time lucky draw must get my number k? lol

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