Sea Food @ Bagan Hailam, Port Klang

Before uncle Meng & his wife getting back to Singapore, we went to visit eldest uncle who stay at Klang. So, we went there with aunty Foong & grandmom too. Now, i got only one grandmom who still alive at this world, hope can be more with her since she still here.

Ok, we start journey about 4:30pm, so didnt eat Bak Kut Teh as well due to insufficient time. After passby few tol after Jusco Klang, we reached eldest Uncle Quan house. He bought Avanza recently, and another new house. Although it’s not big house, but still life good & i think he will getting rich future~

So, kid’s was play around so dam noise as usual, toy’s everywhere & also foods drop everywhere. Lucky, it’s not took that long time and we go restaurant about 6 something. About half and hour car travel, we reach the restaurant finally. Quite a lot of sea food restaurant there, and also many kl car over there too. I seldom come Klang to eat sea food, i think this is the famous sea food paradise for foreigner.

So, we decide to having sea food dinner at this Bagan Hailam Restaurant. Full of cars, and car park lot dam little. I parked behind my eldest uncle Quan & aunty Foong car, and these car park keeper charge me about RM3, walan!!! Cap park service fucking poor here, i park horizontally also want to charge & this fellow dont allow me to park others lot. It’s because 1 parking lot can allow to park 2 cars, but my cars was park horizontally between 2 parking lot( which is my uncle car, and my aunty car, and dont know whose car). Somemore half of my car was on the road. Kan neh!!

I’m getting mad just because been charge & fucking car park service. My face dam dark, fucking no mood on that bloody hell car park keeper. Still, i have to eat my dinner & just walking into restaurant. That day, not my eldest uncle Quan make an order but aunty Foong place order. She order all super spicy food, sure kena tiao by my grandmom lo… because my grandmom cant eat spicy thing one. And, quite amazing that sponser didnt sound up( my singapore uncle Meng sponser this dinner)… Hmm~~ so i didnt sound up too.

Aunty Foong order about 11 style of sea food and 4 different vege & mee. We got only 11 adults & about 4 children there, how could we finish such amount foods? It’s crzay, and it’s normal to my aunty because she’s not going to pay that.

I dont like to have dinner with my aunty, because she will go and order expensive foods most of the time; her children will go and eat all these nice delicious food without leave you some, means you have to finish all lousy food or you have to “reserve” these nice delicious food too. Got 1 case before is we 2 family go and eat Dim Sum together, so we order Dim Sum food and her daugther was finish these Dim Sum very fast. Just like people who never eat Dim Sum before, and somemore tea everywhere, dont know how they drink one.

Same situation for that day, i saw uncle Meng didnt eat much, because they eat so slow and all nice food finish very fast. Same situation for another table too, as aunty Foong daughter spilt to 2 table( she got 2 daughter). Half way, my grandmom scold because she got nothing to eat( all spicy sea food). So, we add few more style of foods lo, special for my grandmom…

I ate a lot, because i got “reserve” these food for me & my gf. Of course i got reserve some for uncle meng, but not much as he eat very slow… not much excuse to pass food to him, his bowl already full. Food still ok la, got prawn, different taste of crabs, sotong, some tasteless vege, & etc.

It’s about RM500 plus for all, plus all cokecola, juices and drinks. I’m satisfied & happy, but not for my grandmom, i think she dam mad about aunty Foong… So, we going back KL and it’s time to Dota @ Setapak there~~ Yawn!!!!

* I didnt snap all the foods pic because i’m busy on eating & reserve food after a while

9 thoughts on “Sea Food @ Bagan Hailam, Port Klang

  1. Nice food, I like the “bamboo clam” as it was so huge and hard to buy it from pasar. Your sister and mother look like jie jie and mei mei.

  2. Hey, This Saturday and Sunday Bukit Jalil got “Big exhibition for modyfying car” come at night to capture photo. I think is for free one

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