Malacca Yeong Ping Fish Ball

We ate this at 1st day when reach Malacca Malaysia, after we check in to Hotel Equatorial. After Took all those picture, we looking for something delicious & famous thing to eat that day. As i not familiar with Malacca traffic structure, so i would like to browse around at Malacca town 1st.

So after about 1/2 hr explore, we found that Yeong Ping Fish Ball which located near Malacca Pure Bar there( Melaka Raya). I still dont know it is famous place to having fish ball here, so we just walk in as quite a lot people inside. Lucky we still got seat & table, so we take order very fast.

As what they selling, so i order fish ball bee hun, and add-on some yeong tau fu & wan tan. I told you, their wan tan & yeong tau fu not nice. Can consider low class, but still ok… at least didnt taste bad. So, you can try but not suggest. Just ok ok for the bee hun, like what others restaurant offer.

They get popular because of their fish ball, of course i have try the fishball. It taste nice, but fish ball iteself didnt “stretch” enough, means not that nice to eat. Fish ball will divide to many easily when i ate, & meat lose stretch itself. So, i rank it about 6/10.

So, you may try the Kali mee next time. Jason told me they Kali mee taste good, perhaps i can have a good try when visit Malacca Malaysia agains. By the way, quite expensive to eat here. Yeong Tau Fu RM0.80 per piece, then Fish Ball Mee about RM2.30.

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