Let’s Move to Malacca!

I was in Malacca on last thursday until sunday, have a short break over there. Me & gf plan to go vacation on previous month, so as what we promised, we go relax at Malacca as she never vacation there before. Actually Malacca not familiar to me, since i visit there each year.

Besides, Sogua & IceQueen also there, somemore stay in same hotel – Hotel Equatorial. Hmm~~ They start journey about 9am, but i only start it on 12 noon. Before i start my way to Malacca, me & gf have a lunch at KL 1st… She seems happy to have vacation. ^^

Traffic @ Seremban Highway not heavy as i imagine, because most of the people have start work already, so let’s enjoy the trip. When driving to Malacca, quite a lot of car drive dam fast! Some of them over 140km/h, some of them speed like 120km/h… Maybe 140km/h normal to you, but really danger le… because most of the car in 90km/h, so slow!!!! I’m the one who drive 110km/h. Maybe there’s some “Saman” waiting for me, as my gf saw speed track.

So, nothing special when drive to Malacca, just saw some nice car like Mitsubishi FTO, Toyota Altezza, & some drive fast BMW, MERZ. Kinda wonder when i can own BMW cars? Maybe 20 years later… zzzzz…

During journey to Malacca, i feel so hot & hot!!! Dont know why so hot that day, lucky got some rain, but not long heavy rain. If not mistaken got 3 times rain, everytime rain from 10 sec to 5 minute. Hmm… fast rain huh! At least, these rain make both car & human cool down…
*Actually i keep fucking people when driving to Malacca… lol

1 hour plus later, we was in Malacca town. More HOT over there, somemore my poor Proton Wira didnt tint, aiks!!! Hotel Equatorial located at town there, it’s very easy to find & we check-in on 2pm plus. I got the side room, which dont have balcony!!! SHIT!!! But, room bigger compare got balcony one.

So, we start to browsing Malacca after have a short rest at Hotel Equatorial. We just simply drive here & there, totally no idea where we went. If not mistaken we took about 1hr plus just to get know Malacca road. Hehehe, now i knew many of Malacca road already…

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