Children Day Food Section Pt. 2

Hua… dam tired after back from work. School will start holiday from 18th Nov 2006 until begin of year 2007, so i will be free when they having holiday. Perhaps i can have short holiday too, 😛 then i can have fun trip again. Maybe Singapore? I think my gf sister will come to Malaysia end of this year, use to settle some wedding stuff?

All you guy’s can view from previous post is just some cheap stuff, like Mamee, Twistee, fried rice, bee hun & etc. More higher class coming up, for them KFC, Mcdonald also consider high class food, but i didnt snap down any… actually got regret why dont shot down because they order such fast food in big amount. All fast foods deliver by rack, maybe you didnt trust me but it real. If not mistaken got 3~4 class order Mcdonald, each class about 40~50 kid’s. So min there got 120 set of Happy Meal, so just imagine~~~ & it’s not just Mcdonald.

Most of the kid’s quite happy that day, after Children Day shows, they go back class to have Children day party, most of the class got. Some class join together, some even have a party everywhere, which means the “some” is me, haha… i go class by class! Of course not every class, because i feel full after i walk 5 classes… Hmm~~~

After party, i back office… there’s many foods on table as usual, some might describe with “a lot”, some might be “many”, my one is “normal” standard, it comes with few drinks, Lemon tea, Vitagins, Milks, Cokes… These drinks sure come with some piece of cake, or biscuit, or something else maybe KitKat( Hehe, i got 2 roll of KitKat…). So, i eat one whole day.

Of course, i have to try over all the high-class cakes 1st la!!!

2 thoughts on “Children Day Food Section Pt. 2

  1. Walao, so many foods and drinks!!!! It make me so hungryleh!!!!
    Puddin, secret recipe, cakes, egg tart, jelly… all my favourites.

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