Children Day Food Section Pt. 1

I got many to eat that day, children day becomes eating day for me already, i just grow fatter until lost control… lol! I have long long time didnt eat mad like this, i start eating from 9am until 4pm, means i start eat crzay since i start work, until i going back home. I brought a lot of foods back that day, got some drinks & also some cakes.

Besides, i eat a lot of snack that day too. Quite impress when i go in to classroom, these small little kid’s dam like to eat Mamee, Twistes with big pack. If i not mistaken i never done this when i was primary school. We were happy if got cake, but children day party just look like our brithday party. Comes with loud music, they like Jolin Chai music, dance there; make noise there… sounds good huh?

Besides, i have ate 3 type of fast food that day, non-stop which is KFC, Mcdonald, & Pizza… lol, 1st time eat 3 different brand of fast food in 1 days! Song!!!!

Part 2 coming up next!

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