Estee Lauder Model Search 2008, KLCC Concourse

Like last year, Estee Lauder Companies having annual model search event at KLCC Concourse level, Estee Lauder Model Search 2008. Lucky me, managed to attend and be one of the photographer. Special thanks Wong for media pass, and also estee lauder companies to letting my friends join into the crowd, appreciated.

Estee Lauder Model Search 2008 kick started on 3pm, quite pack for me and found a lot of celebrities there such as Amble Chia, EL model search 2008 winner Aishah & Samantha, Kim Ong & etc. I’m glad that can having photography shooting around, it was wonderful experience as i’m still new in photography field. I still remember i took Estee Lauder Model Search 2007 by nikon d40, with kit lens sweat. This year, Joey G. as host of Estee Lauder Model Search 2008, and Violin performance by Joanne Yeoh. Stage design slightly different compare with previous year, stage lighting design not bad also, just too packed for the crowd.

There is two categories divided, which is Cleo Cosmo and Women’s Weekly. After simple introduction on the competitions & judges from host, Joey G. catwalk get started and same as previous year, two fans located both side purposely to ‘blow’ up those model hair. Compare with estee lauder model search 2008, i think models of 2007 perform better, at least some of 2007 models know how to post, how to cat walk & how to blow their hair. I almost laugh it out when i saw one of the models blowing her hair, just like and old folk sweeping a floor, anyway just my 2 cent. As a lot photolog and some of my friends said that cat walk too fast…

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Estee Lauder Model Search 2007, Mid-Valley City KL

Before Estee warehouse sales, i attended the Estee Lauder model search event which located at Mid valley city Kuala Lumpur on July 1st. I reach there around 3pm plus, and we have late lunch on ChopStick Noodle restaurant, crowd of people over there and what they served quite sucks compared to Kim Gary. Why said so? You can have a look on here as example. Foods not fresh and ChopStick served with little, even 1/3 bowl of mee. Besides, it cost us expensive but seems crowd everywhere, so bo bian lo… i swear i wont go there eat anymore!

Model Search stage

Model Search judges

MC Serena C

After lunch, we go for the Estee Lauder event, which will start on 4pm. I tot i’m one of the guest of the event, but i’m not. Aiyo nvm la, i not famous people but i’m grad that i can enter to this events, you know quite a lot models will walk here n there later lol! I saw many famous people over there, some of them were celebrities, bloggers and sponsors, of course many professional photographer around. Oh shit i start kiasu as my camera not nice, and small even don’t dare to took out. Can you just imagine you show off you cock in front of sniper gang?
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