Estee Lauder Model Search 2007, Mid-Valley City KL

Before Estee warehouse sales, i attended the Estee Lauder model search event which located at Mid valley city Kuala Lumpur on July 1st. I reach there around 3pm plus, and we have late lunch on ChopStick Noodle restaurant, crowd of people over there and what they served quite sucks compared to Kim Gary. Why said so? You can have a look on here as example. Foods not fresh and ChopStick served with little, even 1/3 bowl of mee. Besides, it cost us expensive but seems crowd everywhere, so bo bian lo… i swear i wont go there eat anymore!

Model Search stage

Model Search judges

MC Serena C

After lunch, we go for the Estee Lauder event, which will start on 4pm. I tot i’m one of the guest of the event, but i’m not. Aiyo nvm la, i not famous people but i’m grad that i can enter to this events, you know quite a lot models will walk here n there later lol! I saw many famous people over there, some of them were celebrities, bloggers and sponsors, of course many professional photographer around. Oh shit i start kiasu as my camera not nice, and small even don’t dare to took out. Can you just imagine you show off you cock in front of sniper gang?


Boint Balanc

Serena C was the MC of the event, i don’t know her but i heard she was one of the famous DJ, anyone know that? Don’t play play! The Estee Lauder Model Search was held in 8 cities like Klang Valley, Penang, Ipoh, Malacca, Johor Bahru, Kuching, Miri & Kota Kinabalu, starting from May 2 to 10 June. After going through over 3000 contestants, there’s 40 semi-finalists, 5 from each location, to complete in an online voting competition. But, i never visit that voting site before, i hope can become one of the judge next year 😛

Stage Flower

I heard they have portrait photos for every model, of course the judges evaluated their portrait photos based on how photogenic they are, their facial features and body proportions. I am wonder when i able to take them nice portrait photos… The 7 semi-finalists with the highest votes was selected to complete that day Estee Model Search 2007 competition. There will be other 3 “wild Card” contestants joining them for finale which picked by a panel of judges.

We got judges from Lynette Ow from CLEO, Andrew Tan from Andrew’s Model, Katrina Liew from Estee Lauder Brand, Winnie Loo from A Cut Above, Sharon Oh from DNP Clothings & Izza Safinaz from Cosmpolitan. Before fashion show, we got performance “So Fly” & “Touch the sky” by Boint Blanc (Ipoh Mari) which Abby quite like on it, i think.

Boint Balanc Boint Balanc

Fashion show start after the performance, MC Serena C introduce each finalist as the come on stage, and each finalist will give a short introduction about themselves, follow by Q&A section from Serena C. Q&A just simple and basic question like beauty secret, definition of beauty bla bla bla… I wonder why not ASL, MSN add, email, mobile numbor, available? lol no la joke only…

1. Sallie
Model Sallie Model Sallie

Model Sallie
She so cute can… if taller than perfect d…

2. Florinda
Model Florinda Model Florinda

Model Florinda
Wow! Her body shape so balance, i like her smile, so shinny!

3. Marlini
Model Marlini Model Marlini

Model Marlini
Wuuu… Nice Chick!!!

4. Samantha
Model Samantha Model Samantha

Model Samantha
If i’m Stephen Chow, director of Kung Fu movie, i will look for samantha as she got lot of kung fu pose inside my memory card 😛

5. Aishah
Model Aishah Model Aishah

Model Aishah
I got not much pic on her as pose too fast d… but her face very perfect…

6. Katrina
Model Katrina Model Katrina

Model Katrina
She pose more fast even i cant get some of goods with my camera…

7. Adreana
Model Adreana Model Adreana

Model Adreana
Her hair dam nice!!! I think she will be the next generations of sunsilk shampoo commercial… lol

8. Robyna
Model Robyna Model Robyna

Model Robyna
Actually she is good, just my photo skill lousy…

9. Lee Ming
Model Lee Ming Model Lee Ming

Model Lee Ming
Her skin very nice, and white…

10. Celine
Model Celine Model Celine

Model Celine
OMG she is my type… perfect if taller… @@


1st runner up, 2nd runner up & winner. Congratulation!!!

This is the 1st time attend to model event, and didn’t prepared for well photo shot section. I saw a lot high end DSLR camera around like Canon 400D, Nikon D200, D80 or some unknown super big machine, even i don’t dare to take out my small D40 babe out, siao meh?! Until i noticed there’s small little stupid “Sogua” digital camera… lol

Most of them from papers or magazines or radio one, so should not surprise when their camera equip with external battery, flashlight or 4 different brand of camera on body, or 6 different type of lens for chosen. THEY ACT DAM PRO MAN!!!!! Can someone just donate me for my studio funds?

Ok la, event end up on 5pm plus, dam tired can…

41 thoughts on “Estee Lauder Model Search 2007, Mid-Valley City KL

  1. Walaoyeh, you did do reseacrh for the models name and judges name. I even lazy to go find out of it but just only put a link there to refer back to thier main page.lolz!!! Photos like that quite nice enoughliao. other Digital might not easy to capture as well. Those were PRO mah…. y no link to the photokaki one.lolz damn nice.

    You use the word dam tired can… seems like copy smashpop style one….kakakaka

  2. Hi Ah Kwong,

    The photo really looks very nice…..U done the great job on tt…….is such a huge event but unfortunately i unable to attend this big event….but luckily yr photo is HERE…is really great…

  3. oh yeah very happening this event, i hope can attend more such events, besides can i add u as frienster?

  4. Celine…..-_-

    my senior in MMU melaka….she also go ah….leizz la~

    she is not so pretty 1 in the real life, but she likes to wear sexy sexy clothes to campus~

    want to see her? come MMU melaka ~ yeah~

  5. i hope u don’t mind if i use some of your pics for my personal blog?

    & i know one of the contestants. same school last time ^-^

  6. this is the only place where we can find such good, big pics of each contestant. thank u man! the photos really paint a thousand words each.

    by the way, i’m sure we all know that the three winners are aishah (winner), samantha (runnerup), sallie (second runnerup)

    but does anybody here know what are the placings of each of the seven remaining finalists – Robyna, Marlini, Adreana, Florinda, Celine, Lee Ming, Deena?

    Who was placed 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th?

    please tell me becuase i want to know how the judges placed them

    thank u guys!

  7. I think it was-

    1. Aishah
    2. Samantha
    3. Sallie
    4. Adreana
    5. Marlini
    6. Robyna
    7. Lee Ming
    8. Florinda
    9. Celine
    10. Deena

  8. oh yeah..and after further research, I found out that Sallie is an Indonesian (her last name is Suharly; and there are many Chinese-Indonesians who are migrants in Penang, but not sure if Sallie is Chinese-Indonesian or just Indonesian)
    Robyna is half Chinese and half Indian, Florinda is Bumiputra

  9. Hmm..I almost agree with the placings, but I think it should’ve been
    1. Samantha
    2. Aishah
    3. Adreana
    4. Marlini
    5. Robyna
    6. Florinda
    7. Lee Ming
    8. Sallie
    9. Celine
    10. Deena

    Samantha’s got the height, look, body perfect for international markets. I don’t see any potential in the other girls (unless they just want to work in Malaysia, if that alone)

  10. looking at all the semifinalists at the website, I think the top ten should’ve been-

    Aishah, Samantha, Adreana, Marlini, Robyna, Florinda, Lee Ming, Layka, Fooi Tin, Eidia ( in no particular order)
    obviously the public didn’t know how to judge a successful model (or some just kept voting for the same model)

  11. olla.. marlini here.. didnt knw about this website at all.. thanks ah kwong!! u did a great job.. honestly i didnt knw abt the placing frm 4th till the 10th.. hw did mr jayrobb knws?.. hmm hmmm

  12. ouhk.. i wonder y da official host didnt mention about this at all.. anyhow, thanks dear.. 😉 hehe

  13. that really u? Or are you just a Marlini fan?
    Please don’t tell me it’s u

  14. to koolio: I agree that some of them are obviously not potential models.
    I think it’s because many of them were chosen based solely on votes

  15. I love the pics here! I was tryin to google the contest bcos I thought there was gona b another this year, am I wrong?
    I wonder how the contestants are doing now, u kno? Like are they still modelling or what..because some of them actually tried out just for fun.

    I like Aishah a lot, but she’s only pretty, and being pretty alone doesn’t make you look like a model or make u able to model well.

    I think Deena didn’t have any model potential; she just looks like a girl who’s too young who just dreams she is a model

    Celine looks too aunty (sorry for being honest) and a little too short and fat

    Sallie is too short (isn’t she the shortest? I mean u could see from the pics rite?) and I don’t think she can pull out a fierce photo but just catalogue, friendly ones

    I think Samantha is the best pick actually, slim and tall and looks like an INTERNATIONAL working model

    Adreana not my cup of tea..she looks too rough

    Florinda great bone structure, and her great body shape shows in that dress!

    Robyna looks like pocahontas to me, but i think she like SALLIE..only do smiley photos and not all-rounded enough

    Lee Ming looks very high fashion, but a little short as well…though I think she’s a beauty campaign model for sure

  16. hola janina!!! nice to c sum1 on9.
    Yeah this was more like a beauty pegant,..with them wearing that long tied thing over their shoulders..
    i think..right..estee lauder did it more to promote their products and increase sales (strategy)

  17. ouh hey chiodos.. it was rlly me.. well, u knw wat, i entered da competition was for fun! .. nutin serious.. n plus, i went on da last day of the search n suddenly they called me dat night itself.. i didnt get to prepare myself.. it was so not fair! .. *sweat.. anyhow, it was a great experience though.. hmm, i can say dat i didnt get any public vote.. = /

    n janina did skip her opinion on me.. hehee.. no worries.. i accept critics; ..

  18. all the best to marlini, wish u can become pro model very soon…. 🙂

  19. hi Marlini.
    I must say you do have a model face, very commercial.

    Do you know what place you ended up in? Or did they just announce aishah, sam and sally as the three winners and they didn’t rank the other seven finalists like u?

    marlini..are you a professional model now? i think u should be..great potential

  20. like seriously..are we having another competition this year? when? where? anybody know anything? please share!! thank u! kisses

  21. i think estee lauder company will having estee lauder model search 2008 this month already, roadshow started on 12nd may 2008.

    12-18/5 : Mid valley megamall, Center court, KL 03-22848422
    20-25/5: Kinta city, Concourse, Ipoh 05-5495266
    29/5-1/6: Queensbay Mall, South Atrium, Penang 04-6411108
    5-8/6: Plaza Pelangi: Concourse, Johor 07-3329976
    11-15/6: Mahkota Parade, Main entrance, Melacca 06-2827123
    25-29/6: 1 Utama, New wing, PJ 03-77262377
    3-6/7: The Spring, Centre court, Kuching 082-425080
    15-18/7: KLCC, Concourse, KL 03-23820600

    interest can call them up, it’s time for model dreams come truth!

  22. Hey, nice page. I was there at the event and I personally know few of them. Definitely entertaining to read Janina’s opinion on each of the models. I definitely agree with her though, hahaa.. Anyways, Malini, since you participated, you should share your opinions on each models as well. You know, like how they are like, the attitude etc.

  23. I’ve just taken a look at the contestants this year. I only pay attention to the younger category (cleo-cosmo). The girls who really deserve to win are:-

    Meera Sunil Maniar
    Sandra Yap Sze Hwui
    Teresa Zhang

    They look like models. I think people just don’t know how to vote and they go for the commercial, too common, boring friendly ones. They just don’t know how to pick girls who are models.

  24. where did you manage to get a look of the girls? i’m curious about this year’s contestents and i would like to see them too.

  25. why do u’all kept praising samantha?
    she’s too thin!
    anyway, aishah was choosen..
    thr must b a reason 4 dat, n she’s hot.
    so what? let her happy la!
    i think marlini n robyna shud end up as da winners too.
    adreana is damn hot too 8tually…if u see her face to face.
    deena luks soooooo hepy-go-lucky type.
    cant wait to know the winner 4 this year -2008-
    anyway, good job about this web.

  26. alone doesn’t make a model
    there are people who are naturally thin or bigger. people come in different shapes/sizes/colors
    I just think samantha’s more versatile and the international markets in europe, america and asia would love her
    I dont personally know samantha at all..but I just think so from my experience
    aishah’s beautiful-but she doesn’t know how to use it

  27. I agree with you chidos. This competition was very narrowed and not well-rounded at all. Many people did say that it wasn’t really a modelling scouting competition because no one pays any entrance fee at a casting to be a model.
    Plus the show was just about finding a face and was more like a beauty queen contest. Thank god it’s not publicized outside of Malaysia.

    Aishah is really beautiful definitely. But yeah..she doesn’t pull it off in the pictures, it’s just this mean kinda serious face.

    I just wished she believed in herself more. Then she’ll be hot and a great model.
    I’ve heard that she stopped modelling once she finished the contract she was bound to as a result of her winning

  28. Sorry..I mean chiodos. = D the way, you can find the contestants at the website

  29. Well…..for me the winners not much different…I mean…all normal face….easy face to find…I’m expected like Urasian face/mix blood ( they got something… very clasical…. )I love to see marlini & adreana look. They are faces that hardly to find in model agency.But as i expected…normal faces….anyway….congratulations to all.

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  31. It should not be vote based….i think it is a little unfair. Estee Lauder company would not know if any of the semi-finalists had actually voted for herself….they shuold be disqualified for doing such an act!! some other semi-finalists deserves better.

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