Estee Lauder Model Search 2008, KLCC Concourse

Like last year, Estee Lauder Companies having annual model search event at KLCC Concourse level, Estee Lauder Model Search 2008. Lucky me, managed to attend and be one of the photographer. Special thanks Wong for media pass, and also estee lauder companies to letting my friends join into the crowd, appreciated.

Estee Lauder Model Search 2008 kick started on 3pm, quite pack for me and found a lot of celebrities there such as Amble Chia, EL model search 2008 winner Aishah & Samantha, Kim Ong & etc. I’m glad that can having photography shooting around, it was wonderful experience as i’m still new in photography field. I still remember i took Estee Lauder Model Search 2007 by nikon d40, with kit lens sweat. This year, Joey G. as host of Estee Lauder Model Search 2008, and Violin performance by Joanne Yeoh. Stage design slightly different compare with previous year, stage lighting design not bad also, just too packed for the crowd.

There is two categories divided, which is Cleo Cosmo and Women’s Weekly. After simple introduction on the competitions & judges from host, Joey G. catwalk get started and same as previous year, two fans located both side purposely to ‘blow’ up those model hair. Compare with estee lauder model search 2008, i think models of 2007 perform better, at least some of 2007 models know how to post, how to cat walk & how to blow their hair. I almost laugh it out when i saw one of the models blowing her hair, just like and old folk sweeping a floor, anyway just my 2 cent. As a lot photolog and some of my friends said that cat walk too fast…

We have total of 16 beautiful ladies entered to Estee Lauder Model Search 2008 finale, which 6 into Women’s Weekly category, and another 10 fall into Cleo Cosmo group. Then, let’s show began!

Women’s Weekly Group:

1. Bulan Prosti Utami

2. Tammy Jayne Tong

3. Yvonne Chong

4. Priscilla Wong

5. Queenie Hoo

6. Sally Lai


1. Siti Nurnabiha

2. Amal Alkaff

3. Jaslinder Kaur

4. Carishiela

5. Teresa Zhang

6. Janet Bennet

7. Michelle Yeoh

8. Sandra Yap

9. Joanna Sue

10. Putri Sarah

So, which year better?

16 thoughts on “Estee Lauder Model Search 2008, KLCC Concourse

  1. I have to say both years’ weren’t good

    It just goes to show that voting/SMS shows/contests have no quality and reality

    but I think the top three spots were given to the right girls out of the top 10 that the public chose.. at least kinda

    I predicted that Carishiela will win (just because she is Eurasian – Dutch/Spanish/Filipino) and her last name is “Kuijpers”, which is Dutch

    I also expected Sandra Yap to get one of the top three spots coz she is very commercial and edgy at the same time

    the last spot of the top three I had predicted would go to amal alkaff (I think she should’ve had a place in the top three), coz her look is very very unique-her bone structure, her jawline, her eyes are very exotic- she is a malay girl but those features are those of a half native-american, half african-american girl

    joanna sue is too “fat” and “fleshy” to be a model. look at the hanging fat under her armpits
    and she acts too “pagentry” a beauty queen with a fake smile on her face all the time..very stiff (she’s also a Eurasian who’s half English and half Kadazan dusun from Sabah)

    jaslinder really let me down because she looks like a great runway model but she has no idea how to model to save her life

    putri (putri sarah muna friedli) has no future in modelling for sure..just a pretty girl and that’s it
    she probably got in too coz she’s pretty (she’s half arab and half swiss…”friedli” is actually Swiss). I also know she spent her teenage years in South Africa hope..her face is too “mean” and she looks so uncomfortable

    Siti Nurnabiha (another Eurasian) has obviously no hope..I heard she also froze up on the stage that day

    Teresa Zhang..I think she has the most potential out of all the girls to have a career in modelling..has the body and stance to do great runway and full length photoshoots

    Janet..pretty girl but that’s it


    Having said that, the only girls who have modelling potential out of the 10 “young” ones (Cleo-Cosmo) are –

    Teresa Zhang
    Sandra Yap
    Amal Alkaff

    Carishiela..pretty girl and too next door, nothing special about her face
    others, well, they can keep trying but they will only be able to work in Malaysia, if ever

  2. I almost agree.

    I thought that Meera Sunil Maniar would win this.
    But I hear that she didn’t respond to any of the messages from the public who wrote to her and praised her for her look
    so there’s karma right there

    Carisheila is just an ordinary girl. I don’t find a winner in her

    I see Sandra Yap as the winner

    Michelle looks like she belongs in the women weekly category

    the rest of them look like they dont belong anywhere in the modelling industry

    oo..jaslinder needs some food..look at her arms in the second picture

    I like Amal Alkaff’s face too..oo..she’ll do well, but she must lose a little weight

    the girls who aren’t in the top 10 here but who i think should be in the top 10 are-

    Lau Sui Ching
    Meera Sunil Maniar

  3. I actually kinda like Janet Bennet, but only because of her height. Her face is just nothing.
    Overall, I think this year was another letdown.
    Of course, we can’t really compare our models/modelling industry with those of the United States’, United Kingdom’s, Japan’s, Hong Kong’s, Australia’s, Brazil’s etc.
    But this event is mainly just for advertising to increase estee lauder product sales and publicity.
    Plus, the models actually have to pay to participate in this.
    In the ‘real’ modelling world, if you have to pay for a casting or participate in a model search, it is seriously considered a scam.

  4. right on chiodos.

    thank dear god that this event isn’t publicized outside of malaysia..or somebody is gonna get sued big time.
    In any event where you need to pay someone to tell you if you have what it takes to be a model, it is a scam
    tyra banks, the host of america’s next top model, has even said it many many times during the casting episodes throughout the ten cycles of antm.

  5. well at least malaysian dreamgirl is much more of a humiliation than this “model search” is, right?

  6. Alright, if I compile all of last year’s and this year’s contestants, the only ones who have considerable modelling potential are –

    Wan Noraishah Binti Samsudin
    Samantha Yen Yee Tan
    Chiang Lee Ming
    Adreana Zulkifli

    Sandra Yap Sze Hwui
    Teresa Zhang
    Amal Alkaff

    I know Lee Ming and Samantha are working part time as models now
    Not so sure about others coz some of them just joinned for fun and wished that a fantasy would come true

  7. Amal has the most model-like, unique face for sure
    She should lose about 20-30 pounds gradually and will have an awwweesome career ahead of her..she’s drop dead gorgeous

    Sandra definitely should’ve won. The paleness of her skin contrasted with that darkness of her hair is really really high fashion and runway-winning. She’s a true beauty campaign girl. Will be one of those very few Asian girls in the world to be able to break the international markets, because, as most of us know, it’s very hard to be a model when you’re a person of color and not caucasian.

    I believe that in every competition there’s a “nominal” winner and “real” winner. The REAL winner here is Sandra for sure

    Carishiela just looks like a girl who tried out for luck and won for no reason. The judges are really blind.

    Jo-Anna – fat
    Michelle – Pinched looking face
    Jaslinder – Starved to death
    Nabiha – shorty
    Carishiela – boring
    Janet – too rounded face

    Teresa – OK, but looks too much like an actress than a model
    Amal – just lose some weight, but she’s STUNNING AS HELL
    Sandra – got it all, work it out girl
    Putri – too mundane in person, but she looks stunning with the proper poses and styling

    My ranking –

    1. Sandra Yap
    2. Putri Friedli
    3. Amal Alkaff
    4. Teresa Zhang

    5 to 10 :– kick them all out of the show

  8. i saw hundreds of girls tried 4 their wildcard and seriously thr’s 100+ girls dat r hotter than da choosen 1. dey’re blind or what.. all da gals dat i trid to hit on….dey didnt even get it.weird.

  9. I actually think all dont look qualified..
    and SITI NURNABIHA should be the winner.. shes the ONLY pretty one there. lol.
    and fyi.. its really the eurasian looks that makes u a winner.. don’t believe? check deborah priya henry.
    shes gone further than all malaysian contestants so far..
    and its pretty ok if shes short.. worlds shortest supermodel is what? 5″5 mann.

    and michelle yeoh need to keep her underarms down mannn ewww. and face like that can’t get her far. sorry.

  10. you people have no sense of reasons. Dont you realize that the winners are very well deserved? And carishiela didnt just win cause she’s Dutch, it’s cause she has the qualities they were looking for like beauty And brains plus personality!!!

  11. carishiela is now a model in the Philippines; she’s also a heavy favorite candidate in the upcoming Binibining Pilipinas 2009 which happens to be the most prestigious beauty pageant in the Philippines

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