Loong Kei Restaurant, Bkt Tinggi

Ok, i’m there few weeks back, on saturday if not mistaken. I suppose to enjoy my weekend holiday, too bad that i have to go there looking around, testing about my projector n computer stuff, as my school will have camp there later.

Sry for late that day( late about 1/2hr plus… shit fucking jam over pandan indah there!), hope my beloved dai ka jeh can forgive me la… Then we reach Bukit Tinggi after Genting Highland entarnces. It’s about 2km away from Genting Highland Entrances, i guess.

After testing all those sohai projector stuff, then we go for lunch, dai ko waiting over there d. Soon, we were in Loong Kei Restaurant. 1st time there, it located at downhill of Bukit Tinggi, just a small town with few building. I noticed there got a lot similar restaurant… I might try out all of the restaurant if can la… lolz

Dai ko order foods for us, as he dam friends with the boss, Ah Loong(Dragon)! I heard Loong was my dai ko students last time, maybe long long time ago. Ignore it, they keep talk cock when ordering foods. lol

As you see, we got Pork, Vege, Fish, YeongTau Fu, Frog & Prawns. I forgot what these food name, but dam nice wan!!! I ate quite a lot because it really nice!!! Too bad i forgot to snapshot the restaurant, else you sure know how to go d…

Remember, the one who sitting is Ah Loong, ask him give discount la!!! lolz! I want to go there again, to eat those fresh prawns & fish…

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