Hotlink Games & Anime Festival, Sg. Wang Plaza

Okay, i was there by today afternoon, to have photo session on this event- Hotlink Game & Anime Festival.

I knew it last week, and this event last for 3 days which from 16th March to 18th March 2007. Too bad my friend FFK(Fong Fei Kei) so i have to go alone lo… Lucky still got gugu go with me!

Soon, we reach there around 4pm and crowl of people there. Firstly i walk around, i mention got a lot of leng lui walk here and there( besides cosplay chicks, still many leng mui mui and leng aunty walking around, the exciting part is most of them walk alone!!! lol ). Oh yeah, it’s time to show off my Nikon D40 oladi la! Wuahahahahaha!

When i turn on my Ultimate Machine Nikon D40( new Nikon D40x released already, little bit regret dont wait for more 3 month… damit!), i only mention that i forgot plugin my battery… -_-” WTF!!! I got my Nikon without BATTERY?!!! Argh… no mood! Fuck!

But, too many leng lui there already, i just dont wan to miss this chance… so i used my SE K800i as primary camera lo… pity! Most of the pic goes blur, damit i just noob to configure the camera setting, aiii… sian. Next time, i will buy extra one battery standby to avoid such a god dam case happen again! God bless i got myself budget next month…

Here comes some gundam pics:

So, got many nice chicks during event, most of them nice but some quite lan si( they saw me wu wu weh weh/ not leng zai then dont wan take picture with me); some i cant picture with them because boyfriend/husband besides; Argh~~~ Of course, got some super friendly la! Wish them pretty always la lol…

Besides Hotlink & chicks, there got Animemax, Maple Story, Toy counter also! Some of the kits and gundam display nicely there, and you also can get free MapleStory CD over there… lot’s of free gift waiting there… also leng lui waiting to photo with you there! lolz… dont forget our Sonic koko( actually Sonic hair dam annoy when it turning around, you will bang by its hair if you stand too near)!

This time, my phone out of battery( damit i’m facing serious battery problem today! sian…) so just go home lo… Hope can have another game festival soon again!

For those games, animes, and also show girls! lolz…

* Diu i got big small eye already… T.T

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  1. ehh… i oso didnt saw u yesterday wan… next time got big event we go together wan?? lol

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