2007 Together Gather blogger party, Federal Hotel, KL

I was federal there last friday, to attend so they called Together Gather blogger party. I still remember traffic jam over KL city, and the federal hotel located beside Low Yat Plaza. Although i finish my work on 4pm, but i still have to spent 3 hour above to make myself on 15th floor, Federal Hotel. Lucky, my car didnt overheat.

So, this event organizer by team of blogger which leading by Wingz. Hmm… i dont know them, ya for whole community member. I never join such blogger party before, that’s why i dont know these famous blogger( you know la i just small little potato). One day, friend told me he like to attend & i got sponser 50% from him… WAH SONG! Special thanks him 1st else later he blame me… lolx

I reach Low Yat about 7pm plus, dam rushing that day and i felt tired when arrived there. Soon, we reach 15th floor. There’s leng lui waiting for us, of course 1st time meet i dont know who they are, so pai seh fast fast get my ticket & doorgift. When walk in, i expect there’s many blogger already( cause i late almost 1 hour already), but i wrong the table & chair empty.

So, i dont know anyone there, dam shy to walk to them, so i hide somewhere keep on drink my juice… T.T( you know la, how poor my english, diam diam better la) After long wait, finally event start! That time i almost pengsan already as i felt super hungry!

Taste ok for those foods…

During the event, i just silent and sit there, enjoy my food. Of course, i got meet some blogger who never see thier face before la( i was wondering why people like to keep thier face/identity as secret, is that more fun?).

This time, Jason was fool around…

Dont know why, i saw many Lumix FZ-30/FZ-50 that night, you see how happy Bryan playing around Jason’s FZ-30… ^^”

Besides, Mikel hide somewhere chit-chat…

This time, Arch busy taking photo with 5xmom, & Bryan

After back from toilet, Arch still busying for photography( he told me he want to become most popular photographer & designer future…)

Soon, almost time to group shoot, be prepare…

Say “Cheeeeeeeeesssssssssssssseeeeeeee!”( aiks, a little bit hungry now again… -_-“)

Then hor, Boon like very ‘kan cheong’ his doorgift/freegift/condoms… lolz ( i heard someone doorgift & signbook was missing that night!)

Before ciao, all bloggers still busy taking picture with those famous blogger like ShaolinTiger, Jason Mumbles

See? how excited to self shot…

Haha… it’s time to picture those super famous blogger like April, Ming Shen, Wingz & Boss

Wingz so enjoy his commity photo session…

1st time join such a huge event, really nothing to said. As most of them used english as main cocking media, hmm not ngam my channel. I keep silent there, diam diam and hear how others blogger craping, see what they doing and guess who they are. Although i got 1 year plus blogging life, but i know 5% from these blogger only. Pity me!

It’s fine i still have some party sponser counter to look around, and get to know what they were. Of course, got leng lui over the party la, but still i dont dare to walk to them, intro myself and ask them take picture with me. Party organizer should go and elect “the most shy guy on the party”, i can won that price! lolz

So, i just running around Jason, Boon, Fatty & Mikel. Talk cock with someone when smoking( forgot who already… @@”), took some picture, playing around my sohai nikon flashlight…

Lucky, i got picture with those closer blogger, like:

Jason lo, most famous blogger in Malacca, must call him when visit Malacca!

Lockee/Boon, ultimate adsense earning machine! lolx

Mikel aka Splashmilk, can get discount if buy milk from him… XD

Besides, thanks for those girl who entertaint me( normally gal’s will just ignore me one, very no mood… T_T)

Advertlets Staff… ( sorry ya forgot leng lui name…)

NuffNang Staff… Kelly ( she is cute!)

I have meet some new blogger during the event, i know who they are at the end( espcially those super famous, famous, and not famous one, coz fatty told me about that, and he getting popular nowsaday, lol). If got same event next year, i hope i can meet more blogger, and take photo with them… haha

Ok, Wong Fei Hong ‘sau gong’!

BTW, coffee/tea sucks at all…

* why dont have the disco section on party?
* special thanks archlancer took me photo’s
* super tired now already… i think no need update my blog for this whole week liao… lolz

27 thoughts on “2007 Together Gather blogger party, Federal Hotel, KL

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  2. Upload so late de!!!

    Sei Ahkwong, I look so fat on that pic and even my double chin coming out already.

    Jason look funny with the tougue!!!!

  3. aiya photo still not as nice as my imagination;

    hope next time got hot dance music section la;

    fatty = fat guy, it’s normal if the picture look u dam fat, so no need to so care about it la… lol

  4. shhh… what the hack “ultimate adsense earning machine!” earning so sikit, talk out oso LakSeh till die la.

    hey send that lenglui pic to me la…

  5. Nice photos… at first we were planning to do disco session, but hor we don’t have such kind of musics la… too bad, I only got rock songs la, not ngam at all… paiseh ah.

  6. Aiyahhhh, why la you didn’t invite me to go together? I don’t speak English oso. Those nuffnang and advertlets girls are very leng, you can intro them to me or not?

  7. haha… me oso knew last minute, next time ask you go too ah? we go there only for nuffnang and advertlets girls… lolz

    P/S: ehh can organizer recuit more leng lui as staff next time?

  8. Sorry for posting twice, Kwong.

    Can I have the picture with me holding the camera? Thought of having it as I looked kinda funny.

  9. ok bryan no problem!

    aiya, i dont have chance la… hot chicks ignore me always… T.T

  10. wah… so fast reply…

    no tipu you, neo no come these chicks no mood, tat’s y i always get ignore dun play play lolx

    u come next time sure a lot of hot chicks with u

  11. Wow… u really take GOOD pictures… i mean REAL GOOd !!!… THAnk YOU for sharing !

  12. haha… cely u pretty oso wa… must take pic with u next time!

    I will send u pic later jason…

    Gugu ask u go u dun wan, now onli regret ah… haha

  13. Their names are Melanie, Stephanie and Anna 🙂 Nice photos! Could you send me the photos without the watermark too? The big group photo and the ones with the girls. Will credit you in a link. Want to put up the pic on the Advertlets blog. Thanks!

  14. erhmm… actually i dont have the only Advertlets girls photo, or you just wan the original of 2nd last picture?

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