Lion Dance Performance @ Davidson

Oh yeah! i’m just coming back from my school event, they have lion dance & dragon dance performances around. Not much of people coming today, i dont know why & dont ask me. Been busy for this event so long, it happening at the end.

This is one of the CNY events, it formed to gather all those graduated davidson students and also their family, of course not free k. It cost RM15 each ticket, of course i’m VVIP & no need to pay at all la! Wuahahahaha!!!

I got long time didnt watch lion dance already, dont remember how many year’s. I dam excited when dance performance get started. There’s official cameraman around, and i’m the un-official one. Both of us walk dam close to keep on photo shooting, although my one just beginner SRL Nikon D40.

He seems quite pro as he used Nikon D80 as his primary camera, with external flash light. Besides, there’s also many un-official “sogua & slim” type camera. Kid’s was excited to touch the lion head, foots, body and it’s ass as well.

I felt scary when photoshooting at night, dont know why color not sharp enough and images dam easy to get blur. I better spend more time to improve my photo quality, hope i can be pro DSLR user on future, wish me luck ya!

more events picture will coming up soon…

P/S: Of course, my boss, ex-boss, dai ko was so happy just now la… can you see it?

4 thoughts on “Lion Dance Performance @ Davidson

  1. Wah, so many lions! Your photos are quite good, better than mine at least. Wanna exchage your DSLR with my Sony P10? 🙂

  2. i know you have move your blog recently, and current blog better than friendster blog, sometime dam painful to leave comment for you. Hope you enjoy blogging life, i’m getting excited to see your ‘lion dance’ pic over there!

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