College classmate & friends Gathering on Shogun Japanese Buffet Restaurant

A little long title, i have gathering on Shogun japanese buffet restaurant, 1 utama shopping center there. So, after snap snap photo from F1 Honda babe there, then rush for this gathering event. Long time didnt meet them up, i dam miss degree study time!!! I can do whatever i want!!! Song!

Entrance Shogun Japanese Buffet Restaurant, 1 utama shopping center

Ok, back to real life, i dam poor recently, somemore want to eat such expensive Japaneses style buffet! OMG!!! Later i sure very cham, dam lack of vitamin M in my life!!! Somemore i work for so so little salary only!

Group photo back from left:Lee yan & her BF, Kok Chew, Mun Wai, Elly; front from left:Lai Wah, Allicia & friends, Min Yin

That’s another story, back to the Shogun Japanese buffet dinner! Foods taste ok ok la! Just like normal Japanese style restaurant, sushi also normal normal like that, but the food design n style better than normal Japanese restaurant! lol

Another group photo

Besides sushi, they got some other side dishes. Also, stick with some fried rice/ mee… Not much people attend to this gathering(i tot got more than 10 people join wan), little disappointed but lucky all those leng lui got come, no leng lui absent! lol

Elly, Lai Wah, Allicia, Lee Yan

Elly, Min Yin, Lai wah, Allicia, Lee Yan

Dam full that night, not because too delicious for those foods, it just my gf cant finish it because its taste not good!!! So, i ate a lot which doesn’t fully satisfy my taste! WTF!!! It cost about RM55 plus per person le! So, i go for Jogoya Buffet better, at least i got something fresh n hot!

Kwong n Allicia

Kwong and Mun Wai

Kwong and Elly

I mention that most of the foods goes cold there, of course sushi must cold la… but not for those fried mee/rice , or steam fish or prawns… @@” I felt tasteless, and a lot of people over there!

Kwong, Mun Wai & Kok Chew

Kok Chew & Mun Wai

Elly & Lai Wah

So sad they got sign board shown that we cannot take photo there! Okay, no photo there, i got no mood already, and somemore food not nice, i think i not going to eat there already lo… Actually didnt talk much over there, dunno why la! Leng lui just ignore me, so i diam diam there lo!!! lol

Lee Yan & her boy friend

Kwong, Min Yin, Mun Wai, Kok Chew

Dinner took us around 2 hr, after snap snap photo n everybody full then go home… Gathering quite good for me, we can keep in touch on each other, somemore can come out eat eat!! Too bad foods a bit sucks, then cant take photo lo… We gathering at Jogoya next time ya?

11 thoughts on “College classmate & friends Gathering on Shogun Japanese Buffet Restaurant

  1. hey.. dun have wo… akismet ate ur comment oladi, n i think i del those sohai spam long time oladi…

    comment again la?

  2. Sienzlah, that place dun let u take food pics. I think u should try Sinichi…. cheeper and can take food pic… I heard not badlah.

  3. Wow! rabbit u know who ah? i wan to know u too!!!

    Many people said that shogun taste not bad too… but seems…

  4. I saw a fly on the sushi and the fly seems to just stick there. So unhealthy but i didn’t say anything until my sister and I saw a rat running in he store around 8.40p.m.. When i call the captain in charge name Lydia(sunway pyramid) to confront about it. She said the rat was from upstairs and she didn’t take any further action like wash all the plates where the rat ran over or nearby. I don’t think i’ll go back to your store anymore but i will tell everyone i know what i’ve seen. This is not a threat, just a comment.

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