Hip Hop Street Dance, Battleground by Astro, Low Yat Plaza

Very shinny saturday, i got some street dance photo when passby Low Yat Plaza. Before that, i meet up fatty with myin, and we having goodtime over there, and i 1st time saw people street dance on the spot, although their dances look simple but it is not easy to perform ok? This Hip Hop Street dance battleground competitions done by Astro, and 1st come 1st serve basis, unfortunately not much people participle that day. I got photo from 2 of the contestant and also judges! Hey, one of them handsome too…

street dance

I dont know hip hop, and no idea what street dance is, but who care i just go there snap snap for fun! My friend fatty used to tell me he saw a lot of people looking to me, they weird how come this guy take photo until so front one, is him official photographer? I spotted one guy actually he is only one official photographer for this hip hop street dance event, haha but don’t know why he seems not that active maybe his boss didn’t offer well for him…

Street dance street dance
street dance street dance
street dance street dance

Hip hop street dance battleground should be smooth on that day, but rain heavily suddenly! was totally out of expected as terrible weather recently, can become rainy when half way shinny! So do take care ya! Thus we go for yum cha season on mamak store nearby, and this time racer anston only reach Berjaya Timesquare there… pity man he miss a lot of fun hahaha~~~

street dance street dance
street dance street dance
street dance street dance

How you think about these awesome street dance performance?

street dance street dance
street dance street dance

So anyone want join me firework photo shooting on coming thursday night? until 3am morning!

11 thoughts on “Hip Hop Street Dance, Battleground by Astro, Low Yat Plaza

  1. I love to see hip-hop dancing, break-dancing, street dancing, sexy dancing and pole dancing…

    Wah you really pro in taking photos lar…

    Eh, bila I can jadi your model and take those artistic photos? Save money for me.. muahahaha

  2. the competition very nice…. all of them is very talented….
    the judges is so nice especially FELLEST….
    i was so impressed by his dancing….
    jus can say…WOW!!!

  3. Yah i saw a lot of oversea hip hop dance performance online, awesome u know! BTW, you can dance hip hop as well if u interested! 😀


    we are coming down to K.L. on 29th dec 2008 shoot an Indian Hip hop music video for which we are looking forward for pro – Hip hop street dance groups.

    interested may contact with dance links at : honeysingh2004@gmail.com ,

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