Malaysia International Fireworks Competition 2007 at Putrajaya, Team Italy

Again, and again we go for Malaysia International Fireworks Competition 2007 photo shooting at Putrajaya yesterday, until late night due to horrible traffic jam! I got bad feeling to next time Malaysia International Fireworks Competition 2007 at Putrajaya, Team Japan, as malaysia merdeka eve that night, somemore two times of firework performance! So, we go for another spot which nearby PICC, and stuck in traffic jam for half hour long! Lucky, we still found car park for our cars, unofficially!

putrajaya firework putrajaya firework
putrajaya firework putrajaya firework

Yet we spot a photo shooting place, which beside the electricity hub, why because that is the only one empty place for us! If not mistaken that was 9pm plus only! If you have go through for previous post, we got same team member again who they are myin, fatty, khai, anston & lynn, we 1 people 1 DSLR camera! Sounds like “now everybody can shoot!” huh… lol

putrajaya firework putrajaya firework
putrajaya firework putrajaya firework

I’m not sure this is the best spot or not, i noticed that a lot of smoke blocking the firework performance! Thus, we can heard official announcement from PICC there, and they provide us music theme as well when firework performace & countdown before firework performance! SOONG! We keep shouting all the way photo shooting and of course a lot of people looking at us la!

putrajaya firework putrajaya firework

Yesterday was Italian turns for Malaysia International Fireworks Competition 2007 at Putrajaya, they got better performance compare to team global, but i feel just like slow motion a bit and romantic performance for those firework, as they played soft music when show get started! Besides, they got apply something like symbol or italian word into firework such as love symbol & star symbol. OMG dam nice one!!!

Firework lasted about 20min, and end up perfectly! As previous photo shooting, we stay there continue snap photo ourselves as terrible traffic jam just beside us! ( our seat just beside the road! ) All the cars stuck in together, and even cant move over 15min, haha… i’m sure walk sure faster than drive, and yet i noticed a lot of cars stuck on highway there too! OMFG!!! We managed to get toilet 1st, drank too much water oladi and we continue our snap snap event on putrajaya city too!

putrajaya firework

Ok, putrajaya photo coming next!

12 thoughts on “Malaysia International Fireworks Competition 2007 at Putrajaya, Team Italy

  1. haha.. still ok la but most of it exposure too long time… so we bahaya coming japan team? lol

  2. hohoho….nice photo ar…but next time better find a bright palce to take photo, that day use to many flash…@_@

  3. Really like the standing spot….”BAHAYA DANGER”!!! the pics take by D40 or D200? very red color but mine wnat more to blue color.

  4. Lynn: haha i know they keep on flash light but still nothing effect to me… haha, buy hood la…

    Princess Eileen: thank you! my friend khai one more nice…

    Eugene: hmm next time wont sit there la, later people will complain cannot stand up lol

    Fattien: all pic by d200, d40 will update on photo blog…

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  8. Lovely pictures from the fireworks. I really liked Team Italy performance and the heart shape and star shape firework is really unforgettable !!! I might give Japan a miss though I got stuck in the jam for almost 2 hours

  9. yes sure terrible jam after japanese firework on coming thursday one, so we decide to have 3 hr photo shooting on putjaya building, next day holiday ma so nvm lo!!!

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