MY FM 50hrs Outdoor Broadcast @ Sungei Wang Plaza

Ok, just passby Sungei Wang today, i noticed that a lot of people surround at entrance, and yet i got a great chance to practice events shooting over Sungei Wang My FM outdoor broadcast event. Dam pack and a lot people stick together in front the broadcast table, most of them was big fans of My FM and of course for super star la!

My FM outdoor broadcast

Not much superstar i saw there, just daniel (李吉汉) & Irons (郭品超), hmm onces they came, lot of aunty, teenage, mui mui, jie jie all stick very closed to the so what we called stage, of course i saw lot of My FM DJ over there, outdoor broadcast ma, u know dam hot over there! Hmm… when i shooting, these different type of hot fans keep on pushing, and i got lot of free vibrate service for my camera… haiz, lucky i still got some of nice shoot, but not much la… i think i have to spend more time on events shooting!

Daniel Daniel
Irons Irons
Irons Irons

Before that, i totally no idea who are them ( daniel know a bit but no idea on Irons), haha pai seh i think got lot of female fans want to whack me already! Irons look handsome, and tall too, i guess he got about 190cm even taller than me when passby… lol

My fm dj My FM dj
My FM dj My FM dj

Ok, time to sleep already, as i have to wakeup early 2morrow… eh actually is today… lol

6 thoughts on “MY FM 50hrs Outdoor Broadcast @ Sungei Wang Plaza

  1. ya lo ya lo..i just saw fattien’s blog..sama topic..anyway..good one though..
    i din mange to go least i know what happen thr thru here la

  2. Anston: aiyo not wan race with fatty la… i just hope dun wan same content at same time, but seems cant wo… haiz

    Milky: still ok ok la… actually fatty stay longer than me over there, he know what happen detaily…

  3. ooo guo pin chao!! XD and erm who’s the skinny on the last 4 pictures? @-o a bit curious haha… dunno lor. newayz thanks for updating! 😀

  4. i’m not sure who they are, but they from my fm dj team too bad i only can recognize bottom right mei yan (薇恩)& top right jason (贾森)…

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