Pikom PC Fair, National Convention Center KLCC, august 2007

Little update about my recent shooting events, so we got team of people go for photo shooting season on Pikom Pc fair which located National Conventions Center nearby Suria KLCC. We reach there about 3:30pm and it is late for us as we expected start on 2pm, as terrible trffic jam around KLCC area. Why? because these KLCC guards closed the car park entrances, but still got lot ya space inside KLCC car park.

PC Fair Pc Fair
PC Fair PC Fair

After meet up at KLCC fountain entrances, we go for pc fair. For me, a little smaller for the PC fair events compare to the previous 1, as not much big manufacture display their latest products on the big ballroom hall. I noticed that Dell, BenQ missing, or i miss the counter as too crowd of people? It is dam difficult to have such photo shoot over the ballroom, and less than show girls on that time, as they might go for late lunch pity…

Pc Fair PC Fair
PC Fair PC Fair
PC Fair PC Fair

All 5 of us got my gf along with me, and Fatty, Anston & Lynn. Actually i prefer last time PC fair photoshoot sections, which less people, more show girls and they willing & able to post more, free ma then come ying chau me lo… lol Unlike yesterday they quite busy to promote their products, i wonder how if they reject anyone of us like last time fatty kena rejected?! lol

PC Fair PC Fair
PC Fair PC Fair

I didnt get anything from PC fair, as too expensive for my HP color laser printer, over budget far far away! Consider to buy another brand when next time PC fair… Soon, i got my new babe! Therefore, i wish more showgirls on Pikom PC fair next time, and also sell cheap cheap for my HP 1600 color Laser Jet printer la!

PC Fair

Fatty get me FREE as birthday presents ah!!!!

PC Fair

16 thoughts on “Pikom PC Fair, National Convention Center KLCC, august 2007

  1. Walao eh~ You pun CEPAT upload wah! Left Fatty behind liao, hehe…

    But there is a Samsung pretty girl clothes look like ‘Meh’ a side, lolz

  2. Aiyo tot u upload genting 1st de!!! So fast leave me alone!!!! no like u…lolz. BTW, picture look niceleh but the gals seems like drop water liao compare to the previous one.

  3. ehh i remember those girls, i saw them also XD i bought one external HD and one m2 memory card for my hp haha… 😛 quite rewarding for me i guess hehe

  4. oh yah they doing promotion on last day ma, it is cheap compare to the market prices out there…

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  6. Eugene: haha thanks for visiting, i snap them when have way walking to hall 3

    yang: haha photo still ok la… need to shot more to practise my skill

    Neo: eh which type of fair gal u wan as present? ‘wan tan’ old folk also can ah?

  7. milky: oh yeah thanks!!!

    Neo: Eh i got only old folk aunties on hand wo…

    Eugene: thansk for link up, i think fatty will arrange for yum cha coming weeks…

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