Red House, Malacca

Back to my long old story, Malacca trip… a little bit out-dated already as i dam lazy to update, so this post about Malacca red house. After Chicken ball rice lunch, we go walk back to parking nearby, by passby Malacca Red House.

Actually, we just passby becoz dam hot that time, and i rushing back to have a cool & nice bath. Not much people there that time, most of the car park illegally beside the road for a bowl of cendols. Although many people there, but i still not dare to eat because quite dirty over cendol stall there, i scare later “oh-lit-du”. So, i didnt try at all…

After that, we go back to hotel lo… sleep a while and then we go for Malacca Wan Tan Mee which near Malacca Raya. Quite awasome to the weather as it sudden goes dark(when half way eating Wan Tan Mee). So, we have to finish faster and then go back to Hotel again… aiks.

Lucky, it didnt rain at the end. So we plan to walk over A Famosa, Red House & walk over night market @ Joker Street. More coming up…

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