Kian Tat & Chwee Wei Wedding Dinner

Was so busy recently, what i busy for? Of course for my small business la… Quite poor recently, as i just bought my car last month. So, i have to installment my car loan start by this month, aiks… Last weekend, i act as cameraman for my friends sister wedding event. It started from last Friday until Sunday. These few day, i just like solou that help people took pictures and pictures.

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Travel to Malacca Malaysia

So, i will have a nice trip to Malacca later on, after i wake up. Looking back, i already have 1 year didnt go for trip, or travel to any place. So planning to have 3 day 2 nite trip on anywhere before Raya holiday. At first, i would like to stay Genting Highland Malaysia as part of my vacation, but seems Raya sure quite a lot people there & of course i cant affort to pay accomodations, foods & sort of things.

Besides, i also “dream” to on boat, which boat? Star Cruises i think… BUT, it will cost me about RM2k 4 days 3 nite… Really expensive and many friends told me not worth to do it. So, seems we dun have much on budget & go for Malacca lo. I have go there before, quite a nice place to relax, eat… hehe~~~ So i will bring my camera go there & snap picture kao kao!!!! YES!!!

Feel excited already since i didnt have break recently, quite stress when holiday end as there’s more workload waiting for me, after this week all will get back to normal & work like robot again… Haiz. So, i have to fully ultilize my holiday to enjoy~ YEAH!!!

So, i will post up what i snap in Malacca, c ya!