Kian Tat & Chwee Wei Wedding Dinner

Was so busy recently, what i busy for? Of course for my small business la… Quite poor recently, as i just bought my car last month. So, i have to installment my car loan start by this month, aiks… Last weekend, i act as cameraman for my friends sister wedding event. It started from last Friday until Sunday. These few day, i just like solou that help people took pictures and pictures.

During this 3 day, i have snap about 500 pictures, and cost me 2.5GB disk space. Hmm… So i doing editing for some picture, if not mistaken it can deliver tomorrow. So, Congradulation to Chwee Wei and her husband Kian Tat 1st, Happy Wedding!!!

Lucky, it goes smooth and happy ending at the end. Not much of leng lui available there, but many sexy aunty… lol. Perhaps i can become cameraman again next month, to let me earn more income, and also more source to blog.

Due to privacy of my friends sister, so i wont be upload much photo on my blog.

Besides, it’s time for me vacation on Singapore from coming thursday until next tuesday. Feel like dont want to work hard anymore, because i already in holiday mode. Sometimes i just wondering, how come people holiday i still have to come back to work?? Somemore nothing else to do here, just blog?

I rarther sleep at home, to get more rest!!! So u guy’s got vacation anywhere? If you did, enjoy your holiday~~~

8 thoughts on “Kian Tat & Chwee Wei Wedding Dinner

  1. that’s correct!!!!!
    Congratutions, Anston!!!
    U will get Free voucher RMXXX for Jagoya from Ah kwong. The next question (great prize) will coming soon, don’t miss it.

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