Estee Lauder Companies Staff Sales 2008

Ladies and Gentlemen, Estee Lauder Companies Staff Sales 2008 will head on 19th july 2008, same like previous year, you can grab those cheap cosmetic & perfume like Estee Lauder, Clinique, Aramis, Bobbi Brown, Tommy, M.A.C, DonnaKaran, Michael Kors and Origins from Renaissance Hotel Kuala Lumpur. From 8am to 3pm, come 5am to queue so that you able to buy as many product as you can, early bird mar…

Estee Lauder Companies Staff Sales 2008

I will be there too, not as temp staff this year. If you want to get the invitations from me, kindly mail me or drop by comment here. I got only 30 tickets available now, the rest sapu by all my friends already. Max 5 ticket each and please make sure you able attend to the sales event, as a lot of people crazy for the Estee Lauder Companies Staff Sales 2008 invitations.

Estee Lauder Companies Staff Sales 2008

So see you there on 19th July!

*While stock last


9/7 4
9/7 1
10/7 2
10/7 2
10/7 3
10/7 3
10/7 3
10/7 4
10/7 4
11/7 1
11/7 5
11/7 3
11/7 2
12/7 2
13/7 4
13/7 3
14/7 2
14/7 2

12/7 Mindy Poo 2
13/7 Quinn Li 2
14/7 lee adriana 2
14/7 charlotte 5
14/7 flo 2

Sorry that i have no more extra ticket for pending list guest. thank you!

1. 3
2. 2
3. 2
4. 2
5. 2
6. 2
7. 2

P/S: This is the last year i offer EL staff sales to public due to some policy issue, thank you for your support much appreciated!

97 thoughts on “Estee Lauder Companies Staff Sales 2008

  1. wa.. does that mean the items are slightly cheaper?
    i would love to go, but even if i go, i dont think i can purchase any item :'( /pooreri

  2. I have e-mailed u for 3 tickets …kindly check ur hotmail account …thanks a million! ;p

  3. hi kwong….i need 4 tickets pls…..this will be my first time going & i’m so excited…..

  4. kwong… i need 2 tickets plssssss… plssss…. thank you.. i’ve also e-mailed u.. thanks lots

  5. Hi Kwong.. Can i have 4 tickets pls? I’ve emailed to your hotmail account too.
    Thanks a lot.

  6. Hi Kwong, please reserve 3 tickets for me, please. Pls let me know how do i collect the tickets from you.

  7. hi kwong…..i’ll not be in malaysia until this sunday…..pls let me know how to collect from you next week……
    thanx a million……

  8. hi kwong.

    I need 2 tickets please……. please let me know when and where can I collect the tickets from u.


  9. well….I calculated from above is already 30 tickets requested from kwong. is there anymore tickets left for me??????sad………

  10. Hi Ah Kwong, can I get 5 tickets from you, or less also can coz I don’t know if you still have any left, *cross fingers*. Thanks.

  11. arloe ah kwong, can i have 3 tickets? hope u have enuff tickets for me…. thanks…..

  12. Love to have 2 ticket for the estee lauder sales. going to buy for my wedding soon. pls email me your contact

  13. Tks for sharing this with us… 🙂

    Hope u didn’t mind but we’ve put a linkback to your site ! One of our readers shared the info from your site with us


  14. Hi, Kwong. Would appreciate it very much if I could have 5 tickets. Thanks in advance 🙂

  15. hi……ah kwong, can i get 1 or 2 tickets pleaseeeee…..cause i wanna buy 4 brg hantaran 4 my engagement at this coming october, begging u….

  16. hi kwong…
    would u spare me 2 ticket to this sales..?

    would really appreciate it alot!!

  17. ok, would like to confirm that can collect estee lauder ticket from me these few day before saturday, kindly email me your mobile number, full name to before thursday 17/07/2008, so that i can distribute ‘extra’ ticket for those who in pending list, thank you!

    Confirm List: email address number of ticket
    1. 9/7 nurul 4
    2. 9/7 orked 1
    3. 10/7 gemini star 2
    4. 10/7 Ish Toor 2
    5. 10/7 Kay Kamal 2
    6. 10/7 chris yap 3
    7. 10/7 T. JerLynn 2
    8. 10/7 myra 3
    9. 10/7 serene 3
    10. 10/7 yen 4
    11. 10/7 ish 2
    12. 10/7 val 4


  18. hmmm…not in the confirmed list….sobs…
    please let me know if there is any extra k…?
    thanks kwong..!

  19. Another good news, i have successful request extra 32 tickets from Estee Lauder Companies, kindly email your full name and mobile number to and collect your tickets before thursday, thank you!

    Confirm List:
    1. 11/7 Cheryl Wong 1
    2. 11/7 C. SharLeNe 5
    3. 11/7 Peck Li 3
    4. 11/7 jl97 2
    5. 11/7 libelly 3
    6. 12/7 Cheah 2
    7. 12/7 Mindy Poo 2
    8. 13/7 chris yap 3
    9. 13/7 Quinn Li 2
    10. 13/7 linn falin 3
    11. 13/7 mynt 4
    12. 13/7 quinn 2

    * will confirm where and when to meet up via email

  20. Hai, Kwong,

    I’m juz wonder do you till hv any extra invitations???

    Hope to hear frm u soon…


  21. hi kwong,,

    i have e-mail you my contact details….please inform us where to meet up

  22. hi kwong,

    i have oso e-mail u my particulars thru my yahoo mail …do inform me of the meeting venue …thanks …;p

  23. this is the first time i heard of this event. came across your blog after doing some searching. would like to request for 2 tickets…thanks a lot.

  24. hi kwong,

    u still have extra card?can i have just one ticket only plz….please confirm yek

  25. Hi hi. I hope I’m not too late. But I think I am. Sob Sob… Well, if you manage to request more tickets, please do spare 2 for me. If can’t, 1 also sufficient. Thanks.;)

  26. hi Kwong, do u still have the passes? 2 is enough for me.. pleasE?
    I begged from u last year and I got it. 🙂
    so have I any luck this year?
    my email –

    please let me know…

  27. Hey Kwong,

    by any chance that you still have two extra tickets?

    Just found out that you are giving out free tickets today. Thanx in advance!!

  28. Hi Kwong,
    OMG i hope you still have extra tickets.
    I want 2 tickets please…
    Thanks so much!!!

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