Estee Lauder Companies Staff Sales 2008

Ladies and Gentlemen, Estee Lauder Companies Staff Sales 2008 will head on 19th july 2008, same like previous year, you can grab those cheap cosmetic & perfume like Estee Lauder, Clinique, Aramis, Bobbi Brown, Tommy, M.A.C, DonnaKaran, Michael Kors and Origins from Renaissance Hotel Kuala Lumpur. From 8am to 3pm, come 5am to queue so that you able to buy as many product as you can, early bird mar…

Estee Lauder Companies Staff Sales 2008

I will be there too, not as temp staff this year. If you want to get the invitations from me, kindly mail me or drop by comment here. I got only 30 tickets available now, the rest sapu by all my friends already. Max 5 ticket each and please make sure you able attend to the sales event, as a lot of people crazy for the Estee Lauder Companies Staff Sales 2008 invitations.

Estee Lauder Companies Staff Sales 2008

So see you there on 19th July!

*While stock last


9/7 4
9/7 1
10/7 2
10/7 2
10/7 3
10/7 3
10/7 3
10/7 4
10/7 4
11/7 1
11/7 5
11/7 3
11/7 2
12/7 2
13/7 4
13/7 3
14/7 2
14/7 2

12/7 Mindy Poo 2
13/7 Quinn Li 2
14/7 lee adriana 2
14/7 charlotte 5
14/7 flo 2

Sorry that i have no more extra ticket for pending list guest. thank you!

1. 3
2. 2
3. 2
4. 2
5. 2
6. 2
7. 2

P/S: This is the last year i offer EL staff sales to public due to some policy issue, thank you for your support much appreciated!

97 thoughts on “Estee Lauder Companies Staff Sales 2008

  1. dear kwong,

    is the ticket light pink in color like previous years? pls let me know..thanks a lot.

  2. hi kwong,

    i haven’t received any email from you. Could u tell us where and when to meet you???
    i suppose u r meeting us tomorrow (wed) as u said collect before thurs.
    but you have to let us know when to collect…1 day before….which means by today u at least have to let us know
    am sure not many of us is 24 hours on the computer you see..

    thanks. hope to hear from u.

  3. hey there, do you still have extra tics??? really desperate to go o ;(
    Still got ma? cos just found out about it today;( thx

  4. Hi Kwong,

    Still waiting for your reply, where and when to meet up to collect the tickets from you ? Pls…. Pls…. Pls…… Pls….. Today Wednesday already…….. Pls feel free to call ! very much appreciated.

  5. Hi Kwong,

    Anymore tickets? Let me know if you have. I would like to just have one.


  6. hi kwong,

    as u noe …v all anticipated for ur reply …as today is oledi Wed …btw i do not mean to rush as u hv to coordinate wif so many of us …hope to hear from u soon …;p

  7. hi kwong ,

    anticipating your reply, hope can meet up with you on thursday coz today already wednesday….hope to hear from you soon….

  8. still requesting ticket from estee lauder, will post up confirm list tonight, and also will reply email by 2nite, apologize as i cant online when i work…

  9. Hi Kwong,

    I might be too late but if you still have 2 invitations for me, that would be great!
    *wishing hoping… =)


  10. ok thread closed as i don’t have any extra ticket for you guys already… thank you for comment & your support appreciated!

  11. I’m in the confirm list without contact!!!! thanks!!
    my number is 012-3343455.
    How do i contact you to collect the tickets..?

  12. Yeah yeah!! i’m in the confirmed list too!!

    Thanks alot..
    How can i collect the tickets from you..?

  13. hi kwong, i actually email to u my details edi. Here’s my number 012 2320981. thank u so so much..

  14. Hi there.. am I too late to request the ticket from you? I ony need 1 ticket please…thanks!!!!!!!! if you want to travel with Airasia, you can contact me next time…hehehehehe…..hope to hear from you soon

  15. hi kwong….

    i went to the sale yesterday…bought lots of stuff…..thanks for the card…..please remember me again next year….if you can give out the card

  16. hi kwong,

    juz wanna convey my gratitude to u …thanks again for the tickets and it is indeed a worth-going warehouse sale ..though have to sacrifice my sleeping hours …take k ya …;p

  17. thanks so much to you for the invitation cards
    help me to stock up my supplies for a year 🙂

  18. hi kwong….juz wanna say thanx a million for the cards… was really worth going……

  19. Hi, Thanks for your cards. Finally, my friends happy spending and me too….. Thanks !!!!!

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  21. hi, was just wondering if you have any tickets for the dec 12-14th sale? i need 2-3 if you have any? thanx

  22. hi kwong, i also want to know if you have any tickets for the december sale? If you do, i need 2. thx

  23. Hi Kwong,
    I’ve been searching for 1 ticket for the dec12-14 sale. I’m looking to get some new makeup and I recently lost my job so some discounted cosmetics would be awesome! pls let me know if you have any tickets that I can buy (1 is all I need)!

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