Mayday Mini Concert at Sungei Wang Plaza Roof Car Park

After Hunks Together 2007, we rush to the sungei wang plaza roof car park for Mayday δΊ”ζœˆε€© event. Crowd of people over there and these fella dam high on Mayday performance! Although it was rainy, but still nothing can affect them to leaving away. Yes, this is my 1st time watch Mayday performance & photo shooting them too.

mayday concert

We reach there quite late, and yet performance going to finish soon so we shoot not much of photos, perhaps we can attend earlier next time if Mayday have come to malaysia again! Members include myin, fattien, lynn & Nkwai, then we rush for yum cha after Mayday mini concert finish!

Ok, let’s keep it short & easy k? Enjoy the picture…

mayday concert mayday concert
mayday concert mayday concert

what next?

9 thoughts on “Mayday Mini Concert at Sungei Wang Plaza Roof Car Park

  1. Fattien: i still got a lot old post, i not u can update everyday one…

    Princess Eileen: yeah i’m still busy looking for fast food, btw u wan come on friday lee hom?

    Nkwai: friday sg wang dunno 7pm or earlier…

    Neo: Aiyo leng lui busy to watch Mayday ma…

    Anston: so u coming friday?

    Huei: Nice to meet you too! btw u coming to join us on friday lee hom?

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