Malaysia International Fireworks Competition 2007 at Putrajaya, Team Australia

Was came back from putrajaya just now, for photo shooting season on malaysia international fireworks competitions 2007, along with myin, fatty, lynn & khai as well. Quite rush for us as we didn’t plan it well, so output are terrible and this is my newbie shoot! Firework start when we reach there, as traffic jam everywhere!!! >.< I never shoot firework before, and yet i got no idea how to shoot nice for firework, seems it not work on lynn, she took lot of great photo!!! OMG! MIPC2007


I forgot when Malaysia International Fireworks Competition 2007 get started, and was team australia show time just now, yeah they done a great job!!! Dam beautiful those firework, so we plan to go Malaysia International Fireworks Competition 2007 photo shooting again on coming friday! I heard japan more amazing!!! So, anyone would like to join us too? And, i will prepare before going next firework shooting season @ Malaysia International Fireworks Competition 2007 held in Putrajaya!!!



If you pro on firework shooting, kindly drop me some shooting tips and perhaps i can have a great shoot coming friday can? Thank you veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy much! ^^

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  1. ahlost: this is the best picture i got yesterday, and yes i must go on friday again to get the best one!!!

    eri: there’s a lot of improvement for me to take great firework photo, anyways thanks!! 🙂

    fattien: most of the pic not that nice, so i only put 4 pic, perhaps friday can take great great 1!

    Rabbit: you have to go there early, and i have research few nice spot online… u wanna join us?

    lynn: haha… eh your 1 dam nice la… i think have to learn from u friday liao, teach ya!!!

    Eric: they said malaysia team one lagi nice, too bad i’m at genting that time…

  2. we go again coming friday, i think 6pm plus after dinner, reach before 9pm as look for nice spot… let me know if u wan join k?

  3. Ah Kwong! I like ur pic, especially the first colorful one,my fav fireworks! I dunno how to take nice pic, thats why I take videos only lo.. hehehehee..

  4. actually very easy 1, my friend khai took tat with his k800i… nice n colorful oso!

  5. hey don’t say that, you also know i am a beginner for SLR, i also never shoot fireworks b4, just learn some from website. so only can say lucky only lar!

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  7. Wow too bad I couldn’t make it for Australia one but I was there when it was Malaysia’s turn. Looks like you are quite near to the show !!!

  8. actually we are dam far away from firing area, but still able to spot firework clearly, if you have miss au team, then u have to make sure u there when japan team turn, my friends highly recommend to japan team firework!

    go for this link:

  9. yeah i got post one for global team on friday, it only less than 10min quite disappointed, i will post up italy team very soon…

  10. You went to see team Italy as well ?? It was awesome !!! Going through the photos now as well 🙂 but the traffic jam when going back is just horrible !!! gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  11. sogua: oh yeah!

    changiem: yes italy nice one, we stay until 1am plus only go back, becoz too many car stuck in highway after the firework show! perhaps we meet up n snap snap next time when japan turn?

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