Malaysia International Fireworks Competition 2007 at Putrajaya, Final

Finally, here comes end of our Putrajaya firework tour, and the end of Malaysia International Fireworks Competition 2007! Actually i not going for Malaysia International Fireworks Competition 2007 Final yesterday, but seems got some friends going so i just follow lo… Rainy whole the day, we start our journey from Seremban Highway tol almost 9pm, quite late for us somemore we got a wrong way & stuck in traffic jam there.

Thus we not able to reach our destination on time, even we cant reach there then stuck on terrible traffic jam… because some idiot go and park his car middle of the road, soon firework start and everyone oso park their car middle of the road include me! I didn’t get a nice view to spot firework, as mountain block half of the firework kesian…
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Firework Tour to Putrajaya Malaysia

Ok, quite mess up as i totally out of idea how crowd on putrajaya 2nite. I got something want to announce is we decide meet up on Leisure Mall, and later we will go putrajaya there through Kajang, as i can imagine got a lot of people back hometown and go putrajaya by using Seremban Highway!

italian firework

We meet on 7pm sharp over Leisure Mall there, you can park your car in Leisure Mall, then we have dinner nearby. Estimate finish dinner on 8pm, and Japanese firework will get start around 11 something to 12am count down! So, ladies & gentle men, remember to bring your ultimate photo machine & tripod, remember very important if you got remote more cun! Don’t expect we can home early, no such thing! So 2nite we shoot those putrajay building k?

As conclusion, please meet at Leisure Mall Cheras main entrance( face Maxis that one, and park your car 1st) on 7pm sharp, and we dinner on restaurant nearby.

List of Putrajaya firework tour member:
Me & myin
Fatty & his family include daddy, mummy, sister & friends
Uncle Piew
Racer Anston
Eugene & Eri

So, we will go with 3 cars, and please dont drink so much of water because hard to get toilet over putrajaya there! So see you there!!!!!!

Let me double confirm:
Place to meet: Leisure Mall Cheras main entrance face maxis center
Time: 7pm Sharp ( please dun late)
Thing to bring: towel, blank bottles, camera prefer dslr machine, tripod is a must, full tank of petrol and bottles of water scare overheat… lol

Malaysia International Fireworks Competition 2007 at Putrajaya, Team Italy

Again, and again we go for Malaysia International Fireworks Competition 2007 photo shooting at Putrajaya yesterday, until late night due to horrible traffic jam! I got bad feeling to next time Malaysia International Fireworks Competition 2007 at Putrajaya, Team Japan, as malaysia merdeka eve that night, somemore two times of firework performance! So, we go for another spot which nearby PICC, and stuck in traffic jam for half hour long! Lucky, we still found car park for our cars, unofficially!

putrajaya firework putrajaya firework
putrajaya firework putrajaya firework

Yet we spot a photo shooting place, which beside the electricity hub, why because that is the only one empty place for us! If not mistaken that was 9pm plus only! If you have go through for previous post, we got same team member again who they are myin, fatty, khai, anston & lynn, we 1 people 1 DSLR camera! Sounds like “now everybody can shoot!” huh… lol
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