Jonker Street, Malacca pt.2

So, we plan to proceed to next station, wan tan mee near Yeong Ping Fish Ball there… So, we go there after finish the most hot & spiciest Laksa. Before leaving Jonker Street, we still have to take photo from there…

Quite a lot of foreigner there, i think they come to vacation cause end of year already wa… I saw one of them wear Forum of culturer bag, anyone know what’s this forum? I never heard before, maybe it just style of bag. Anyway, i cont my photo season & also my gf cont her windows shopping. Poor bf dont have money support her ma… hehehe~~

So, most of the Sovenior Shop Keeper / salas girl dont allow me to take photo, aiyo sian lo… Why dont let people take photograph le? If someone want steal your idea, they can come at night ma( because these soveniors will push to night market, so customer still can snap it at night), no mood already.

As a result, i smoke there and i found quite a lot of people like me; bring a camera comes, keep on take photograph with non-stop! I think they also snap me a picture, so i also took them a picture lo…

Ok, then we go for next station: Wan Tan Mee!!! ( I quite full that time, but my gf wan go to eat, so mai go lo~~ :P)

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