Jonker Street, Malacca pt.1

I have came back from Malacca trip almost 1 month plus already, but still many picture not yet post up, so i may skip some picture lo… This is the day version on Jonker Street, Malacca. Me and my gf go walk there after ate chicken ball rice. That’s dam hot afternoon, about 1pm plus… Actually i walk Jonker Street everyday, so i took quite a lot picture.

If you looking for any new style of soveniors, you can come Jonker Street… This place suit to old people come, and also young people especially for those people who like to take photography. Besides, there’s many food stalls & restaurants offer delicious foods. So far, i have try 60% of the food stall here, i still remember khai’s friend bring us to Jonker Street try out Curry Mee, previous 2 years.

Nothing changes here, still like old time… Curry mee still nice to eat, but Asam Laksa suck to max!!! It is so spicy until i cant taste the fish & sour and keep on drink water… At the end, i finish half bowl of it, so dont try next time.

Remember pay me money ya… wuahahaha!!!

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