Hari Raya Festival Show at Mid Valley Megamall

Nothing to do that day, yes it was saturday & my holiday! I just passby mid valley megamall halfway meet up with my girl friend so what they called ah sou ah sou usually. I noticed that a lot of people surround the stage & there got malay style performance that time, of course a lot of beloved malay friends enjoy that show, of course it is time to practice my camera shoot la! Somehow my gf not reach there yet! Crowd of people made me not able to walk near to stage, and i found got pro-photographer keep on shooting that time!

You know raya coming soon on weekend if you’re malaysian, i think quite a lot raya style of performance around this time, so let’s have a shooting on these malay culture performance! Besides, this is the 1st time i shoot malay style events, which my others friends not doing usually. It might become special to them i guess!

I plan to have a look on Gardens mid valley that day, see can found any fashion show or grand opening or not. Sorry for that as most of shops still under construction, not much shop & events available, even i dont think got nice stage for them in case to have a fashion show over there! But, it was a high end shopping paradise!
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