Day Trip to Genting Highland

Spent a day there, one of the famous travel spot in Malaysia. This time, we purposely go there to grab some delicious foods for my family, special thanks my sister by sponsor RM300 meal voucher. As usual, didn’t took much photo about the foods, just some night shot at Genting Highland.

Happy New Year!

Wu Bai & China Blue live concert in Genting Highland

Oh yeah, Wu Bai & China Blue concert was really awesome! Perhaps i can attend more live concert in future, as i miss a lot of concerts previously, and yet this is my virgin go for concert! OMG~! Quite sad as we cant have front seat, as we bought rm100 ticket so we sit about 20 row count from back, i noticed that Wu Bai very small to me, and low quality of music compare to those VIP! So, remember buy front seat next time, of course need to pay more la!

WuBai & ChinaBlue

WuBai & ChinaBlue
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