U-Village Lunch, Sg. Wang

When free free nothing to do, or busy got something to do at Low Yat there( i act as computer support on school, and i have to walk over Low Yat computer shop as expected), i sure will ask those sohai cibai come out lunch gather when i have passby Low Yat Plaza. This fella i knew for 4 years long, maybe more longer, quite close and best friends la…

U-Village Sg Wang Foods Menu

Jelson New O2 PDA Phone

As usual, we have our lunch on U-Village HK style restaurants which located Sg. Wang there. 1st come 1st wait, this is our rules and i forgot who reach 1st( this one forgot when took, too many times eat there already… lol), normally we allow 5-6 people only, and this time got Jelson, Kingko, Sogua, Fattien and me. All work very near Low Yat there, and i hope i can come out lunch everyday! lol

Leng cai Jelson




Fatty, Sogau & kwong

Jel & Kingko

Chicks behind Kingko

We cock there as usual, take photo on both sohai fella, and also spyshot on nice chicks or aunties. It’s time to buy another Len to allow my camera zoom more far! as my 55mm lens cant support more zoom now! So, who wanna sponsor me one Lens?

Kingko in phone!

* Sohai Luk Yeah dam rich, go and buy new O2 PDA phone…

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