Happy Birthday Fattien aka Arch-Lancer :P

Before start the story, talk something between me n this fella. I know this fei chai since form 3, secondary school. Yeah, friend with this fei chai about 11 years already. One of my closed friends, although we always squeeze each other, and we meet almost everyday. Snake intro this fella to me, we make friend just because of game, King Of Fighter 96, and we da kei together for so long, every weekend! From KOF96, to KOF97-2002, then Star Craft, HalfLife, CS, Warcraft, until Dota today! He is one of the famous blogger today, although i start on begin.

Just back from fatty aka arch-lancer birthday party, let’s blog it out how happening on the party, as HungWei have blog it out very fast already. Of course, i have to follow and keep my blog up-to-date, realtime mar lol. So i reach his working place about 6pm, then fetch my gf along to his house. Special thanks for his mother western foods, and it dam tasty, much appreciate and maybe his mother can consider to open western food restaurant, possible! Keep story short, post up some homemade western food pic 1st!

fatty mom foods fatty mom cook
fatty mom cook fatty mom cook

Anyone interest to invest western food now? After dinner at fatty place, we proceed to the party which organize by HungWei, and KimFei have waiting us downs there, for 15 min or longer! I still remember we finish dinner within 20min just now, fatty ate like hungry ghost, but really his mother cooking skill dam cun! I fully recommend his mother foods, personally!

Fatty birthday party head on Wong Kok Hong Kong style restaurant, Leisure Mall Cheras. I’m the one who late, and i meet familiar face over there! 1st i saw is sohai Eugene, HungWei, Nkwai, Mich, Hiew88, Aaron, and KimFei, then Joshua come after us. We order not much food, just keep on shooting our big brother fatty whole night long! So, let the pic tell the story ok?

fattien birthday

Some random pic…

fattien birthday party fatty birthday party
fattien birthday party fattien birthday party
fattien birthday party fattien birthday party
fattien birthday party fattien birthday party
fattien birthday party fattien birthday party
fattien birthday party fattien birthday party

Fatty told me he was happy just now, so i think that’s all his birthday… Fei chai, wish u happy birthday here, grow fatter n fatter on coming year!!!!! Wuakakakakakaka!!!! Btw, u like our birthday gift?

11 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Fattien aka Arch-Lancer :P

  1. hahaha….thankz for posting this and all the wishes.. I love the prefume..hehehe. Don’t keep on wishing me growing lar…very fat already.. T_T

  2. Ask you photography can or not? When you take food pics, you use macro lens? Do you turn on the flash for taking this kind of food pics? Thanks.

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