So this time its another guest blogger here! Its me! AbbyC. Don’t compliant yea didi! Here’s the post especially for you!

Ah Kwong there’s nothing much I wanna say. I’ll KISS! Keep it short and simple!

Happiness is the most important thing for you to achieve in your life,
Happiness can not be gained, it is earned by your heart,
Happiness can be found, when you are close to God and obeying his words,
Happiness can be found, when you show your kindness to others,
Happiness can be found, when you are nice to those you hate,
Happiness can be found, when you help others
Happiness are the love and kindness.

Learn to enjoy what ever comes along,
Happiness is not far away from you It is close to you heart,
Happiness is serving God for all eternity and once you fulfilled your wish,
Then you are the most happiest man.

Signing off, xoxo

10 thoughts on “Happiness.

  1. woot how nice u can write me a post! i feel lucky that hv great friends accompany aside! thanks muakz!

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