Pikom PC Fair 2007 @ KLCC Convention Center

Dam busy last week, as i have to clean up my room, settle all those small small headache things. For example repair both my computers, as i have download too many porn until computers spoil. Yes! both 2 of my computer attacked by sohai ad-spyware, seriously! Finally, i fixed it and back to normal now, i can blog, and photo edit on it!

1st of all i like to wish Dan happy birthday, and sorry i cant attend your birthday party @ Ruums last saturday night… Sorry ya dai ko! 2nd sorry for those PC Fair beauties, i not yet edit those photo and i will send to you all as soon as possible( if not mistaken can got it by tomorrow), hehe…

KLCC Skyline

Ok, back to PC fair story. Actually i dam poor recently, so promotions doesn’t make sense to me as i out of budget to purchase any product anymore. But, i know quite a lot of rich friends surround me, so i went for Pikom PC Fair last friday with my girl friend, Arch-lancer, Kingko, Sogua & friends, also with my colleagues. Sound huge right? but i walk with 2 people only…

As Arch was late that night, so kiki walk kiki, boh bian… I walk with my girl and Arch. So 3 fella walk PC Fair with 2 camera. Hmm… seems we not purposely come for fair product… lol… Yes! we go there for photo shooting only, PC Fair girls. I think got another fella join us next time, as he bought himself brand new Lumix FZ-50, if not mistaken.

Sony Counter Wall

If you got go Pikom PC Fair @ KLCC Convention, you know Sony & Dell was the 1st counter you meet there… Sony got a lot of promotion girls, but none for Dell. I expect beauties everywhere just like Japanese car show 😛 Sony served with wide & huge counter and also lot of event girls. They treat us friendly, and post up together! Hmm… Song!

Sony Event Girls

Ok la, then i go for Dell there have a look on my 22″ LCD monitor, although Dell decrease the selling price to RM899, but i still got no money to buy *sob* After that we just walking around, and we notice Acer got event girls too! Hehe… i go there ask them post, and chit chat a bit la… seems they also free to ying chao me… lol

Acer Girls

Lenovo Girls

Epson Girls

Besides Acer, got Lenovo event girls waiting for us. They so cute and one of them look like japanese girls, WoW! So cute!!! But forgot talk with them, as Arch saw dam nice girls on Epson counter there(Actually Sogua got mention about Epson event girl dam nice wan…). Soon, snaping there oladi, and they friendly too! I was thinking they so tired still can treat good on potential customer, or non-customer like me… act very pro ya!

Toshiba Girls

After finish snap snap on Toshiba counter there, we proceed to next hall. Quite rushing because almost 8:30pm that time, soon counters close. Onces enter 2nd hall, Samsung girls was waiting entrances there already. I saw some of them very pretty, and nice too! They look happy during photo session, and friendly! I think i stay there quite long of time to chit chat, getting email from them… lol! I promise i will send all those leng leng photo to all of you!

Samsung Girls

Samsung Girl

Samsung Girl: Esther

LG Girls

Too bad, my photo not that nice there as my camera setting not suit there, no worry i use photoshop to improve it! haha~~ Finally i saw LG counter there, snap snap there a while then i look for LCD that my girl friend want. She want to buy new 19″ LCD monitor, to replace her spoil CRT monitor. Of course, spend some time cock with sales fella and i was surprise to meet LG Malaysia Boss there, dunno they got bluff me or not. I found another LG girls hide there, hehe… kena post up cannot run away lo!!!

LG cant escape

Soon, about 8:45pm lo… Kingko waiting for us, we gonna move faster. I saw familiar face on HP counter there, if not mistaken she got snap snap with me last time Hotlink games event. A bit sad that she not remember me, i guess… Nvm, just snap snap there and of course i got her email la… hahaha~~~

HP Girls

HP Groups

Then, we skip the rest of counter, because Kingko wait dam long time @ Beh counter there already. Somemore all not yet dinner, cock there a while then we leave from fair. I’m Happy that organizer arrange more event girls to promote this time, no matter for customer or non-pro photographer like me. Thanks to Pikom, thanks to those Leng lui who willing post up for me, THANKS Ya!

Kwong & Esther

*P/S this is the 1st time i saw event girls reject to take photo, and asking where we from, lucky i’m not the one who kena reject, lol

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  1. Eh rabbit u should ask ur friends join me next pc fair… lol

    Anston we must go by team next time the these girls no excuse to reject someone… hohohohohoho~~~

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