A Famosa, Malacca

Ok, back to Malacca story again. We start walk to A Famosa Malacca after some rest at Equatorial hotel. Sun come out again, and A Famosa not so far from hotel, so we walk over there. I have long time didnt walk at street, mostly i drive or i ride. Feel little hot maybe i just didnt exercise at all.

About 15min walks, we reach A Famosa and quite amount of people there. Most of them are Malay, seldom saw chinese people over there maybe they just like eat eat eat, and shopping. I got mention enviroument near there quite dirty, as many cans & rubbish on the land. Hope i wont saw this next time visit there, A Famosa not just an important Malacca culture spot, it also one of the famous travel spot in Malacca. So please la, make it clean a bit la…

Stay there took pic a while, then we cont our walk to Red House & Joker Street. That time, Sogua still under the bed… lol

I plan to go there this year again…

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