I Love Cheese Cake!!

During last night on Malacca, i have bought myself & gf cheese cake from Secret Recipe. I have very long time didnt eat Secret Recipe cheese cake, or i have long time didnt eat cheese cake… lol. At 1st, i not plan to buy from Secret Recipe but from Coffee Bean ” Makotha Parade Malacca Malaysia. Pity me that i goes late, Coffee Bean Cafe was close so i got no chioce just go for Secret Recipe.

I have bought 2 cheese cake from there, which is Blueberry Cheese Cake & Choc Cheese Cake. I still remember that’s about 12am plus, not much people at street & town, maybe all fellow here sleep early, but not for Secret Recipe. Can you imagine nothing on street but FULLHOUSE in Secret Recipe Cafe? Somemore dam a lot nice chicks there! Some of them cames with boyfriends but some alone… Hmm~~~~~

After bought 2 cake, me & gf went back to hotel & have a try to cake. It’s quite pity to my gf as she feel not well that days, actually is start feel sick onces reach Malacca… Hope she recovery soon la. Yesterday she still complain very busy on office, dont know how she is now? Should be ok 1 la…

Choc Cheese

So we have try this Blueberry & Choc Cheese Cake, taste good! Blueberry cake can divide to 4 level, they makes blueberry on top, then cakes on 2nd level & cheese coming to 3rd level, of course lowest still cake. I just wonder how about they apply all cheese below the blueberry source? Besides, i prefer taste of choc cake. The choc cake “structure” exact same with the blueberry cake, but this choc cheese cake not that sweet compare to blueberry cheese cake.

BlueBerry Cheese

Maybe you can have a try on Secret Recipe Cheese cake, they still have many more type of cake. You can consider Secret Recipe cake as your dating cake, it quite sweet & romantic to the other one… (this is some of the gal said to me, which they like to get choc, or flower when dating)

3 thoughts on “I Love Cheese Cake!!

  1. Wow, delicious cake. Mango delight and choclate banana is my best choice in Secret Recipe.
    Em… the pics to heavy take long time to dl the pic.

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