Malacca, San Bao Jin Soya Bean Stall

I was kinda busy recently, even i have no time to update my blog. And still, many content pending there, i think all these content able to upload smoothly from next week, as my school will goes holiday start from next week until next year. Dont so happy 1st, i dont have holiday as well and i have to come back alone… Damm!!!!

As a result, i plan to take some leave… lol. Let’s come back to the story, i want to introduce famous Soya Bean Drinks in Malacca town, it located around the famous Satay Luk Luk there, i dont know the street name, but it quite near Equatorial Hotel, about 5 min car travel from there. As what Jason introduced, so me & my gf go and have a try there…( lucky i still remember how to go there)

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Nyo Nya Dinner @ Malacca

So it’s 1st day trip at Malacca, after browsing around Malacca town, we get back to Equatorial Hotel have a rest & also bath. Heavy rain that evening, and i joined dinner with Jason, Sogua & Icequeen. Hmm… I dont know Jason, i got only visit his blog before. So, it’s new to me and i got chance to meet more people there… hehe~~

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